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When The Teacher Is Scorned 😔

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Blog, Daily Motivation, Quantum Sobriety on December 31, 2017 https://quantumsobriety.com/when-the-teacher-is-scorned/

  As I look back on 2017 I can see that my theme has been all about overcoming my need to people please. I have been forced into situations that were difficult, painful, and downright ugly. From the Daily Mirror article and nearly 700 negative comments toward me to a disgruntled retreatee (who read the… Read More »

Why Can’t I Drink Normally? And The Gift Is Waiting 🎁

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Blog, Daily Motivation, Quantum Sobriety on December 30, 2017 https://quantumsobriety.com/why-cant-i-drink-normally/

  Early on in our recovery we all ask this question, and it is a stage we all seem to go through before we break through to the other side. ‘Why can’t I drink ‘normally’ Time and time again I watch clients get frustrated with themselves for not being able to do this and especially… Read More »

We Have Been A Product Of Our Environment 🌎

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Focus Friday, Quantum Sobriety on December 29, 2017 https://quantumsobriety.com/we-have-been-a-product-of-our-environment/

  We begin the New Year residential retreat today and I can’t wait to meet this months participants later this morning. This retreat sees us celebrating our fourth anniversary of delivering this five day offering and although much has evolved over the past four years, the basic retreat is much the same. There have been many… Read More »

You Can Have Anything Because…..

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Daily Motivation, Quantum Sobriety on December 28, 2017 https://quantumsobriety.com/you-can-have-anything-because/

  I am VERY excited to announce that the QS book is nearly ready. I began writing it more than two years ago and for some reason the energy of it was being held back until this point. I will be launching the book at the workshops on the QS tour in a few weeks, and… Read More »

The Single Most Vital Step To Enlightenment ✨

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety, Wisdom On Wednesday on December 27, 2017 https://quantumsobriety.com/the-single-most-vital-step-to-enlightenment/

  Every Wednesday I am sharing some WOW’s with you; my teachers; my influences and who I am inspired by. I hope you enjoy!   Eckhart Tolle ” So the single most vital step on your journey toward enlightenment is this: Learn to disidentify from your mind. “ What Tolle says here is good news for those in QS for… Read More »

The Present Is Actually The Past 🎁

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Blog, Daily Motivation, Quantum Sobriety on December 26, 2017 https://quantumsobriety.com/the-present-is-actually-the-past/

  We are taught to be ‘present’; to focus on the present moment and remain there, but there is a big problem with this = THE PRESENT IS ACTUALLY THE PAST. It is the physical manifestation of what you chose yesterday. Think of it as two sides of a coin The first side is creation… Read More »

You DESERVE A Very Happy Christmas 🎄🎅🎁

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Blog, Daily Motivation, Quantum Sobriety on December 25, 2017 https://quantumsobriety.com/you-deserve-a-very-happy-christmas/

  The magic of Christmas; the wonder of it all As a child we experience magic at this time of year; waking up to find presents at the end of my bed as a child was so exciting I can remember I nearly burst with happiness Can we do the same this Christmas day? Could… Read More »

The Repercussion Of Not Being Your-TRUE-Self ♥

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Blog, Daily Motivation, Quantum Sobriety on December 24, 2017 https://quantumsobriety.com/the-repercussion-of-not-being-your-true-self/

  I’ve spent the holiday being an observer; always a nosy person, this role suits me perfectly. Sitting on my sun lounger behind dark glasses is the perfect position to watch the goings on around the pool…. I’d clocked ‘Paul’, ‘Mary’, ‘John’ and ‘Penny’ around the pool the day before. They were in good spirits,… Read More »

Why Stay Together? 👫

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Blog, Daily Motivation, Quantum Sobriety on December 23, 2017 https://quantumsobriety.com/why-stay-together/

  Sitting in the departure lounge watching everybody intently; anyone else able to do that for hours on end and not get bored? The couple who barely talk or even look at each other as they spend their whole time together stuck in other worlds on their devices, the family who seem to endlessly eat, the… Read More »

Is Addiction Your Teacher? 🍷🍩🍺💊🚬🍟

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Blog, Quantum Sobriety on December 22, 2017 https://quantumsobriety.com/is-addiction-your-teacher/

  None of it was wrong. Whatever your addiction has led you to do, had to happen to bring you to this point, reading this blog and learning about QS. It was all meant to be like this. YOUR ADDICTION IS YOUR TEACHER So what is it teaching you? The answer is what the QS meditations guide… Read More »

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