The Present Is Actually The Past 🎁


We are taught to be ‘present’; to focus on the present moment and remain there, but there is a big problem with this = THE PRESENT IS ACTUALLY THE PAST. It is the physical manifestation of what you chose yesterday.

Think of it as two sides of a coin
The first side is creation / desire / the choice that you make
The second side is the manifestation of this choice

The first side is you projecting your energy into the future; what is it that you want to pull into your orbit? You are out in the limitless quantum field of pure potentiality here; this is where magic resides, this is where dreams are made.

The second side is that magic becoming manifest, and is a much heavier and less magical place. However this ‘present moment’ Holy Grail that we have been sold and taught to revere, is not in fact the Holy Grail at all; it is secondary to the first phase for it cannot happen WITHOUT the initial projection.

In the past I have called the present moment a gift, for it is called ‘the present’. What I have come to know and experience however is that ‘the present’ needs to be purchased and wrapped up, just like you did to the presents you gave yesterday; that process doesn’t happen on its own.

So it is time to go beyond ‘the present moment’ and the stagnation it implies, to the source of it all, to the conception of the manifestation, to where the magic lies.

This is living in the quantum field, in a world of pure potentiality, where anything and everything is possible. So don’t give up on your dream, don’t settle for second best, BE who you came here to BE and realise that it is ALL to play for….


“We have now expanded ourselves to be in the present but living in the future, rather than being bound to the past”

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Member Quote Of The Day.

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Morning, it’s so wonderful waking up on Boxing Day without a hangover. Yesterday was very emotional but I was sober so remembered to take lots of photos and will remember the day. Today’s commitments are sobriety, meditation and healthy eating, wishing everyone a lovely day xx

N, Online Member

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