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Confession Time!

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on May 30, 2016 https://quantumsobriety.com/confession-time/

The QS programme is unique; there is not another group of people anywhere in the world who are like us, and YOU are special because you found us. So no matter what mindset you wake up with this morning, know that it is possible to shift it and begin to see life a different way. We… Read More »

Birthday Blog: PERSPECTIVE

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Blog, Quantum Sobriety on May 13, 2016 https://quantumsobriety.com/birthday-blog-2016/

This week I’ve been looking back at this past year, and of birthdays further back than that, and doing a kind of mini review of all of my previous birthdays…. 1989 – 2007  Birthdays in this period were drug fuelled; it was a time to get hammered; of excess; of staying up as late (or as… Read More »

Monday Morning Blues?

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on May 9, 2016 https://quantumsobriety.com/monday-morning-blues/

It’s Monday morning and I’m raring to go. I’ve had two days without an alarm; given my mind and body the extra rest it needed over the weekend and now I’m back in the game and awake before my alarm. It didn’t use to be like this; Monday mornings were my nemesis; hungover from a… Read More »

The Baby Teacher

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on May 8, 2016 https://quantumsobriety.com/the-baby-teacher/

I spent the day with my 14 month old niece this week and she was teaching me over and over again the ease of jumping realities. She is the happiest little thing but didn’t get her afternoon nap because there was too much going on, and was desperately tired. One minute she was laughing, next… Read More »

Quantum Messages

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on May 2, 2016 https://quantumsobriety.com/quantum-messages/

When we turn within and tap into who we really are, we open up a whole new network. We realise and feel a connection with the earth, and with every single living being on our planet; suddenly understanding that we are never ever alone. Even when there is nobody in the room / in our… Read More »

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