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The Best Nights Are The Ones We Can’t Remember? 😳

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Blog,Christmas,Daily Motivation,From The Archives,Quantum Sobriety on December 8, 2018


  I had a dream last night that this blog won a competition but it wasn’t about the personal recognition or ego in any way. I dreamt that as I accepted the award my speech was to many drunk people in the room saying how this award was going to help me change the stigma around ‘drinking to celebrate’.… Read More »

Gonna Be Sober This Christmas? 🎄🎊

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Blog,Christmas,Daily Motivation,Quantum Sobriety on December 6, 2018


  The countdown has begun to the most collectively exhausting and testing time of the year. Even for those not working through an addiction it can be pretty stressful, with unreasonable expectations from families pulling us in all directions. So what is the plan? It is all in the preparation You need to know exactly… Read More »


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