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Time To Feel SMUG

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Blog on June 10, 2016 https://quantumsobriety.com/time-to-feel-smug/

You know that feeling when you feel really good about yourself? You’ve eaten well, not got drunk, meditated and done your daily workout. You feel frigging AMAZING!   That is SMUG.   And I want you to feel SMUG every single day. SMUG is a good thing; it means you’ve achieved your dreams and are… Read More »

The Quantum Vacuum

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on June 2, 2016 https://quantumsobriety.com/the-quantum-vacuum/

I am learning more everyday; for you first acquire information, then it gradually seeps deep down into every layer of your being until you understand it on all levels. And so it is with my knowledge of freedom; I began many years ago reading a book and knowing in my heart that what I was… Read More »

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