What Is Your Word For Next Year?

For the last few years I have had a word for the year
A word that has acted as gatekeeper
Nothing passing into any area of my life unless it has passed through the concierge
Holding the vibration of who I really am
Rather than who I have been thus far

In 2017 the word was ‘lightness’
As I began to drop so many stories of who I thought I had to be
Masks of what I was showing to the world
The pretence began to melt
And a confidence grew along with the lightness of being

In 2018 the word was ‘space’
Space to breath
Space to love
Space to practice
Space to learn
Space to understand my journey better

To be honest though I only really grew into the word in the last month of the year; it took 11 months for the learning to sink in and finally the doors to ‘space’ opened in the last month of the year. The fact of the matter is that bathing in the energy for a whole year meant that I could comprehend ‘space’ in all areas of my life.

2019’s word has been ‘effortless’
Nothing accepted into my life that does not match this vibration
I choose not to struggle
Take everything that is thrown at me with grace
Learn from it
With no fight or resistance

2020 holds the energy of ‘grace’
And even though it is very similar to effortlessness, there is a slight shift for me; perhaps a knowing that there is going to be some big stuff coming my way, and that I am going to deal with it with ‘grace’. And now that I have connected to my calling, to Blissful Infinity, I wish to live from this place of deep surrender, no matter what the challenge is that is presented to me

So what is your word?
What energy are you calling in?
What will your gatekeeper be?
What do you C H O O S E

What feels really good for you
What feels like a positive stretch
With absolutely no energy of overwhelm
Your word should feel open and inviting
And only YOU will know what word can carry you best into your true Self…

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