Why Stay Together? 👫


Sitting in the departure lounge watching everybody intently; anyone else able to do that for hours on end and not get bored? The couple who barely talk or even look at each other as they spend their whole time together stuck in other worlds on their devices, the family who seem to endlessly eat, the lady who runs around after her husband getting him food, drinks, and anything he needs whilst he reads his newspaper, a very demanding young lady, and the couple who bicker and take me back to a time where that was also my reality.

As I sat and watched him get agitated with her, and she look powerless as she gazes at the floor I remembered a time when I also felt stuck with my lot; unable to break free from a prison that started off full of love and fun. This couple looked so miserable together, so why stay together? 

I became distressed as their fighting got louder and he spat his words to her as she recoiled from the poisonous venom, taken back to when that was also my norm. I wanted to interject, tell him it was not acceptable to speak to his wife like that, tell her that she deserved so much more. But of course it is not my job to say a word, it is not really my business to pass any sort of judgement for they have entered into an energetic contract which only they can play out.

I can remember the frustration of my family when I was in a similar situation. Of course I knew on a deep level that I wasn’t happy, that this was not what I wanted, but it was ONLY me that could cut the tie and move on.


For if I left before truly understanding it, I would have very likely stepped into another similar situation; like filling the black whole that is left when we stop consuming a substance with the SAME substance when not comprehending the learning yet. When stuck in a relationship that does not nourish you it is very similar to being addicted to a substance: you can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.

So we must dig deep and find the learning
Why have we manifested this difficulty?
What are we understanding more of by being here?
Sometimes it is just to know how strong we really are

I then had another thought about the unhappy couple. I realised that when I was in that situation myself I had not bumped up against quantum jumping, and felt that I was very much ‘stuck’ in that reality. Of course now I know that EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE, it’s all to play for, we can chop and change every second of every day as we drop down into our hearts and remain in alignment with our truth. Something not feel ‘right’? Then question that, trust the feeling and do what it takes to return back to your own equilibrium.

I live my life in a very different way now compared to how I used to, and coming across people who are living as I did makes me realise just how far I’ve come, how aligned I am, and how strong my trust in self really is. And it is the same for relationships, alcohol, smoking, anger, fear, drugs, work and anything else that pulls you off balance, QS works for all of it. This is why I dedicate my life to sharing this work, for I have seen both sides of the fence and I am never ever going back.

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Enjoying Christmas preparations and going to treat myself to some light Belvoir Elderflower Presse and/or some Fever Tree light tonic water for my Christmas drinking:) Hope all of you are doing well and not struggling with the Christmas parties etc. There once was a time when I could not imagine not wanting a drink and now I REALLY don’t. And that bottle of Prosecco a friend bought me over 4 weeks ago is still sitting in my fridge- I’m not even slightly tempted. Once upon a time I would have thought that impossible- and the bottle would not have made it to 12 hours unopened…!!! Shifts happen  They do  xxx

V, Online Member

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