The How Is In The Head

There is a stumbling block that many get stuck at. You wake up to a dream that you have, and begin to follow the breadcrumb trail of energy towards its manifestation. You try it on for size, feeling into this new vibration and liking what you find.

What next?

This is when it can get tricky. The question becomes HOW do you stabilise this new vibration that you would like to invite into your life full-time? But the HOW is in your head, and that is not where this shift process happens.

You can miss out on so much magic because you’re focused in the wrong place
Living in your head and the what if’s
You can fall into the unknown
Not NEED to know the how
Trust that just by being in the vibration of the new energy, you are being magnetically guided towards it


In fact the less you try the quicker it will come
And this is why those that are impatient can’t get this shift in consciousness, because they need to know the mechanics of what is going on

But how can you take apart magic
How can you unpick infinity
The answer quite simply is that you cannot
You are being asked to live a different way
Venture into the forest of the unknown
Trust that God has your hand

Can you get out of your head
Can you get out of your own way
Are you ready to live a different way…

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