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December Meditation Challenge

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on December 22, 2015 https://quantumsobriety.com/december-meditation-challenge/

….so how can we ‘be the change‘? What does that even mean? Well, by concentrating on ourselves and how we are feeling and perceiving the world, rather than worrying what everyone else is up to and if our government is about to invade another country, we begin to make changes. These changes start to ripple… Read More »

Written By The Heart

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on https://quantumsobriety.com/written-by-the-heart/

I chose to spend last weekend in Birmingham surrounded with people who think like me: the half FULL kind. In front of inspirational speakers for two whole days means I now have a ton of notes, quotes, and ideas to take myself to the next level. I choose to consume nutritious high vibrational foods and… Read More »

Three Years Sober, Who Have I Become?

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on https://quantumsobriety.com/three-years-sober-who-have-i-become/

Well here I am, three years down the line. And who knew that life could get SO good… I’ve become the REAL me. Who I was always meant to be, before I decided to cover myself up with what I thought I wanted; what my friends and family wanted; and what society wanted. I cannot… Read More »

Jo’s Writing Vlog: Conclusion

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on https://quantumsobriety.com/jos-writing-vlog-conclusion/

Wow it’s been amazing, and 30,000 words later I am just so excited to get this information out to the world. Soon i am going to launch a new website, new brand, new online program, new workshops and new retreats….all under the umbrella of this book. My life’s work, my offering to the world, what… Read More »

Jo’s Writing Vlog: Part Five

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on https://quantumsobriety.com/jos-writing-vlog-part-five/

Sssshhhhhhhh! More MAGIC today, and then a slump day: the highs and lows of being on retreat, and of life.… I’m loving hearing how you are enjoying this journey!! LAST VIDEO tomorrow xx

Jo’s Writing Vlog: Part Four

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on https://quantumsobriety.com/jos-writing-vlog-part-four/

My experience began to get truly magical today…. Are you enjoying my adventure?! Let me know if you are…

Jo’s Writing Vlog: Part Three

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on https://quantumsobriety.com/jos-writing-vlog-part-three/

How are you enjoying the videos? Today i have a BIG announcement!! Let me know if you have a contact that can make this happen…. EXCITING!!!!!

Jo’s Writing Vlog: Part Two

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on https://quantumsobriety.com/jos-writing-vlog-part-two/

Here is Part Two of my adventure and an epiphany moment….. Copyright: Jo De Rosa October 2015

Jo’s Writing Vlog: Part One

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on https://quantumsobriety.com/jos-writing-vlog-part-one/

With so much writing in the past ten days I thought it would be fun to share my island retreat experience with you via video. So i am going to be sending you an email with the link to each video everyday this week (don’t worry i’ve condensed them down to a total of 5 videos!) My goal of 30,000… Read More »

The Three P’s

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Quantum Sobriety on https://quantumsobriety.com/the-three-ps/

I felt an urge to explain a little further how I got to the decision to stop teaching yoga; and it’s all down to The Three P’s…. Because I regularly go into retreat I gain: PERSPECTIVE …and it’s only when we remove ourselves from our ‘normal’ environment that we can achieve this first ‘P’. You… Read More »

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