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Daily Motivation – Week 17

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Daily Motivation on December 31, 2016 https://quantumsobriety.com/daily-motivation-week-17/

Day 113 Your permission slip for a sober easeful christmas.   We are creating a new breed of sobriety. This is the future. We’re even making a new language, because the old one doesn’t fit. This post came in this week from one of our members and it’s response has been viral throughout the group;… Read More »

Daily Motivation – Week 16

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Daily Motivation on https://quantumsobriety.com/daily-motivation-week-16/

Day 106 Meet some of the community.   With the QS community growing daily I thought it about time to let members themselves tell you about their experience of it; this approach doesn’t just work for me! So let me introduce you to a ton of them, and my writing will be back tomorrow. Enjoy!     Day… Read More »

Daily Motivation – Week 15

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Daily Motivation on December 20, 2016 https://quantumsobriety.com/daily-motivation-week-15/

Day 99 Drunk At Breakfast   It’s 7am and we’ve checked our bags in and have settled down for breakfast while we wait for our flight. We tend to always choose earlier flights as we’re both up early everyday anyway and it’s good to just get there, right? And it’s always the same. People drinking copious… Read More »

Daily Motivation – Week 14

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Daily Motivation on December 19, 2016 https://quantumsobriety.com/daily-motivation-week-14/

Day 92 In The Company Of Angels     We are mid-way through the last retreat of the year here at the retreat centre and this particular teacher who has brought her group to us is particularly special. Alison Knox painted the angel paintings that hang on each side of the studio, holding the space… Read More »

Daily Motivation – Week 13

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Daily Motivation on December 12, 2016 https://quantumsobriety.com/daily-motivation-week-13/

Day 85 Not What You Might Think.     I’m Back! It’s been a month since I trained, what with being in Scotland on retreat for 10 days and then really not in the mood after that to up the tempo; instead enjoying the cocoon of my post-retreat calm. Sometimes it’s hardto take the first… Read More »

Daily Motivation – Week 12

Posted by Jo De Rosa in Daily Motivation on December 8, 2016 https://quantumsobriety.com/daily-motivation-week-12/

Day 78 You hold all of the power.   Following on from yesterdays idea of not receiving; only creating, let’s take this idea even further…. YOU CANNOT HAVE ANY ONE ELSE’S EXPERIENCE And no one else can have yours. There is no giver of experience meaning that right now in this moment you can close your… Read More »

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