“Quantum Sobriety™ saved my life and I found freedom from my addiction”

Nicola, UK

Quantum Sobriety™ was born in 2016 and has supported hundreds of brave souls out of addiction and into freedom. Now in 2023 this life-changing story is closing the doors because of its success although the book, which outlines the first year of the programme, is still available to purchase. Jo De Rosa, the founder, is today so far removed from her addicted life that she simply cannot run the programme any longer; she explains,

“I am more than a decade sober, never think about drink or drugs, and have stepped into the reality of total freedom. It’s hard for me to remember the struggle of addiction so I do not feel it fair to continue the online course as I cannot support members as I used to be able to. The beauty of this path is that you are simply no longer addicted, and evolve beyond addiction to a new deeper more connected way of living.”

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