“Jo De Rosa is the modern day Bill Wilson” Debra, USA: Online Member

Quantum Sobriety™ is the direct experience of someone like you. Someone who was once a hopeless addict. She spent her life aged 15 to 40 addicted to one or more substances at a time; she realised at 40 that she had never had a holiday sober, never experienced who she really was because she’d concealed herself her whole adult life. She gave up one addiction only to fill the gap with another substance, not understanding the game she was playing. Then it all changed, Jo De Rosa began the journey inward, and got to know who she is underneath the many layers of addiction. Quantum Sobriety™ is her story, and the approach that she used to become free. Underpinned by meditation, Buddhism and quantum physics yet delivered in an easy to understand and non-academic language, Quantum Sobriety™ is a template that will guide you step by step towards freedom.

“Learn How To Create A Reality As If You’d Never Been Addicted” Jo De Rosa

What is Quantum Sobriety?

Quantum Sobriety™ is the opportunity to leave behind your current reality and choose one where you are not addicted, unhappy, or struggling in any way. “That is what is possible when you enter the quantum field, and my job is to show you how to get there”. With powerful meditations, monthly themes and a daily blog, Jo and her team give tons of support to those ready to step into a higher potential and the community is more like a family than a mere course. The three year ‘school of life’ deals first with the substance / behaviour that is creating so much destruction in your world, and then transcends into healing all areas of your life. This teaching will lead you to balance, harmony and happiness in your home-life, work-life, relationships, health and general well-being; so much more than an addiction programme, however, that is where we will start.

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