Monday Morning Blues?

It’s Monday morning and I’m raring to go. I’ve had two days without an alarm; given my mind and body the extra rest it needed over the weekend and now I’m back in the game and awake before my alarm.

It didn’t use to be like this; Monday mornings were my nemesis; hungover from a whole weekend of drinking and eating crap, and dreading the uphill struggle to get through the work week. Even though I loved my job I was still destroying my mind with a poison most days so I was never going to be running at 100%. But back then i’d never actually experienced 100% before in my life (other than as a young child), so how was I to know how good it could get.

But there was something deep within me that said,

“There is more than this”
“You can have what you dream of”
“Why don’t you try a little harder to be who you know you can become”

And so I continued to fight my way to sobriety, on my own with no professional support, to create the life that I knew I was destined to have. This is the thing with people that I work with; they also have this inner knowing that there is more for them. Not all addicts have it; some continue on always not really believing that they can have anything else or not even thinking that there is a problem, and if there is not a problem of course they will never think there can be anything more. But some do have the inner knowledge; a gift; a message; a calling.

Once acknowledged the work really begins, the journey home has begun. The soul knows peace, it knows where you are headed, you just have to trust.
In meditation connect with that part of you.
Touch in on the connection with the divine; this is where peace lives.

This connection is the key to it all, for once you have it you have access to the meaning of life.
Believe me I am not exaggerating!
When we can live from this place deep within us we can create anything we put our minds to; we are now connected to the quantum, to a force beyond time and space, we are now in a world of pure potentiality where anything can happen.

You will start to feel completely different:
You are now living from strength rather than weakness,
You are now living from connection rather than disconnection,
You are now living from trust rather than doubt,
You are now living from acceptance rather than denial,
You are now living from LOVE rather than fear.

It’s all change, you can’t live like this anymore, why would you when you have the calling for connection?
You don’t want to wake up with another hangover.
You don’t want to eat another sugar-coated meal.
You don’t want to drink another cup of poison.
You don’t want to pull filthy toxins into your lungs.

None of those things are acts of LOVE.
They come from fear.
And in the end everything comes from either fear or LOVE.
You choose with every thought, word and action that you take.

I’d love to welcome you to the Happy Monday Morning club. The one where everyday is a celebration whether it’s Monday or Friday, where weekdays are as fun as weekends, every single day counts.
No more counting the days down until the weekend.
In this moment, every moment.
Life is a celebration, not just weekends.

Not in a job that you love? Change it.
Not in a relationship that futures you? Change it.
Not in the best physical shape of your life? Change it.
Stuck in a cycle of abuse that is tearing you and your family apart? Change it.

No one else can do these things for you.
But when you are connected to your source energy, your inner wisdom, then you will know if you are living in your truth or not.
You can change the script right now.
Rewrite it and create the life that you know deep down you are destined for. That is what i’ve done and please know that it was worth the initial discomfort, for being outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens.

And is today the day, on this Monday, that you decide that it’s time for some magic?
Good, welcome!
Goodbye Monday Morning Blues, and hello to Magical Mondays!
Have a great day, now i’m off to meditate and get my connection even stronger….

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