Quantum Messages

When we turn within and tap into who we really are, we open up a whole new network.
We realise and feel a connection with the earth, and with every single living being on our planet; suddenly understanding that we are never ever alone.

Even when there is nobody in the room / in our lives we are still not alone.

It’s a little like understanding the Buddhist concept of ’emptiness’:
It sounds like it’s going to be a bit crap doesn’t it? When in fact when your mind stills and you can allow thoughts to pass effortlessly through your mind, you become free.

Emptiness in this context really means it’s opposite: FULLNESS
When my mind becomes still I plug into the quantum and everything becomes available to me.
The emptiness gifts me the ultimate connection: to self

Quantum Messages

Since i’ve been writing and thinking about the quantum gift in the last week it has responded to me in the most spectacular way; like it’s showing me it’s listening and approving. And remember when you ask the quantum to give you a sign that it is there waiting to obey your every command, it will always respond in a magical way. You can’t second guess how it is going to appear!

Quantum Meditation

It started a number of days ago when I had an epic meditation where I had an image of the quantum reaching out to me. It was very similar to the picture in the blog graphic; faceless but making it’s presence known. The message being,


It felt like a cosmic connection with the quantum reaching out to me, with our hands and heads touching.
The next day the visualisations progressed to a spiritual hug; it was truly beautiful and I found myself with tears rolling onto my cheeks. Even though I was in the room on my own, I have never felt like i’ve belonged more in the present moment. It was utter acceptance of me at soul level, quite profound.

Quantum Numbers

Then, in past couple of days I keep seeing number patterns and the same patterns repeated over and over again.
It’s like EVERY time I look at the time it’s one of the following combinations:
16:22 and 01:22 and 10:22 and always 22:22 etc..
13:11 and 20:11 and 21:11 etc..
15:15 and 21:21 and 14:14 etc..

Each time that I see this it is confirmation again and again that the quantum is listening; responding to my every need; looking out for me; and guiding me to my highest good.
And the thing is when you go looking for the numbers they never appear, it’s ONLY when you are not trying; and that is the message:

  1. Get clear on your intentions: what do you want to feel at soul level?
  2. Write out your intentions on a vision board or in your journal
  3. Trust that the quantum has read your list and will respond and let you know it’s got the message in some mysterious way
  4. Know that your dreams are being manifested even though you can’t see it happening right now, on some level it IS.

Point 1. about getting clear on your intentions can be done during meditation; this is when you are connected with your subconscious mind which has all of the answers; you do know that the answer to everything is within you yes? Perhaps buried underneath the burden of stress, responsibilities and doubt, but there nonetheless: trust me.

Then the most recent visualisation, which in fact is more like a feeling, is the quantum one step ahead of me; opening doors and setting up situations to please me. It provides me with a parking space on a busy day in the centre of town, it sets up a chance meeting with someone who can be instrumental in my life, it guides me to make the right important decision at the right time.
It’s conspiring for me.
Helping me in every second.
I can feel it by my side.
And all that I need to do is BELIEVE and TRUST.

Quantum Messages

Over and over again I get the message that the more we TRY the less we GET.
When we are forcing something we go AGAINST the quantum; it doesn’t like it.
So the trick here is to connect to yourself, TRUST, and allow this process to unfold; like flowers opening up with daylight; the process happens organically. Nothing will happen when it is contrived; the quantum is all knowing 😉

So let go of wanting to control these messages!
You cannot!
Let the quantum come to you, as it wants to.
YOUR messages will be different to mine.
YOUR quantum will act in it’s own distinct way.
Don’t project anything
Expect something!

And please let me know how YOUR quantum partner communicates with you.
It’s so interesting to see how this plays out differently with each of us.
No two experiences ever the same.
Now go and wait for some magic to blossom into your life…..

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