Confession Time!

The QS programme is unique; there is not another group of people anywhere in the world who are like us, and YOU are special because you found us. So no matter what mindset you wake up with this morning, know that it is possible to shift it and begin to see life a different way. We are literally changing our brains every second with the beliefs that we hold, thoughts that we have, words that we speak and action that we take.

Yesterday evening as Nikki was leaving after a busy weekend at the retreat centre looking after 13 guests (and the excitement of Dominic catching a swarm of bees in the garden) she confessed to me that she’d not meditated all weekend. I think she was expecting a different response to the one I gave her,

“Nor have I”

We both laughed and both felt better about ourselves knowing that there must be ‘something in the air’!
It’s VERY unusual for either of us to not meditate for one day, let alone two in a row, so quite a coincidence that we’ve both unconsciously chosen the same days.

However this morning as I reflect on this fact and know in my heart that I will indeed be meditating straight after writing this, I recognise that my attitude to life/sobriety has not reversed BECAUSE I HAVE ALREADY CHANGED MY BRAIN and THERE IS NO GOING BACK!

As we meditate, each session is shifting our perception of ourselves and the world, and that perception is PERMANENT!
I always say to my meditation students that we don’t meditate simply to be good at meditation; we meditate so that we can have these shifts of perception. Students often say,

“How will I know that I’m doing it right?”
“How do I know it’s working?”

The answer is that your external world will change as your perception does; IT HAS TO. You begin to see everything through different glasses, and the amazing thing is THAT NEVER GOES AWAY! You cannot take that shift of consciousness away from a person; once you see the world in a new way, it will be like that forever!

Can you see how amazing this is?
That even though I’ve not meditated now for 2 days I DON’T feel any different; I’ve not suddenly shifted back to where I was a few years ago, BECAUSE MY BRAIN HAS IRREVERSIBLY CHANGED!

This is amazing news!
For when you firmly plant BOTH feet in this new reality (where the grass IS greener) with roots growing deep into the ground, it becomes your new home. You are safe and comfortable in this new place and even when you miss a couple of days of practice, there is no way in the world that you are jumping lanes back into your old reality. In fact you look over the fence and it seems like an alien planet; why on earth did you stay in that place of struggle for so long?

“I’m staying here thank you!”

And so on this Monday morning I would like to dedicate the merit of my practice to everyone who is is connected to this revolutionary way of thinking about addiction.
And as we do this each day, the energy of our group increases as we connect with each other on the quantum.

Each and every one of you has been called here, there are no mistakes. You all have the potential for freedom; that gift is available to you. So lets work on getting your perception shifted to that place….

Have a great week everyone.
I’m off to meditate now, and I will dedicating the merit to every single one of you who have joined this mailing list/programme.
YOU are in my prayers
YOU are in my thoughts
Sending YOU love and support 🙏



Dedication of Merit.

The Selfish Buddhas
This is something that we are doing in the QS programme and which is raising the vibration of the whole group, assisting those that are struggling, and connecting us all on the quantum.
The Dalai Lama calls this the ‘Selfish Buddhas’ because those that do this know that by giving away the merit from their practice they are in fact receiving it back ten-fold.

So, at the end of each meditation bring your hands together at your chest in namaste (prayer position) and dedicate the merit that you have gained from sitting down to practice (which is HUGE by the way) to someone who is struggling at the moment, or to someone in your family who is having a bad time, or maybe to everyone who is struggling with addiction at this time.
The very act of kindness by sending the karma created to someone else means that not only do they receive it, but YOU then attract it back to yourself TEN-FOLD! So the Dalai Lama knows that by doing this over and over again he is generating more and more good karma for himself; thus becoming a ‘Selfish Buddha’.

What we are doing here is actually using the quantum field to collapse time and space so that we can gift each other, meaning this act is steeped in science.
Many of our members are doing this already, and I thank these ‘Selfish Buddhas’ from the bottom of my heart. What is happening on the secret Facebook group is that if someone is having a bad day and reaches out the rest of the group jumps in and lifts them up with dedications, words of support and wisdom, understanding and love.
Can you imagine how much better they feel from knowing that support is there? And how we all feel if we are all doing this for each other? I can tell you it’s beautiful to watch these souls joining together with no judgements and believing that each person has the potential for freedom; just like YOU do.
So if this resonates with you, why don’t you join us? Why don’t you commit to finding the freedom that is your absolute right…..
xx 🙏

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