The Baby Teacher

I spent the day with my 14 month old niece this week and she was teaching me over and over again the ease of jumping realities. She is the happiest little thing but didn’t get her afternoon nap because there was too much going on, and was desperately tired. One minute she was laughing, next screaming the house down, then again in an instant laughing.
There was such a fine line between being ok and not, and she jumped realities over and over again in the course of an hour before she finally fell asleep exhausted.

It got me thinking each time she did this of how difficult we sometimes make life.
She is reacting to her core needs every second of the day; babies live fully in their subconscious minds, there is no conscious thought of,

I mustn’t do this” or “I shouldn’t say that

What is within flows up and out naturally, instantly, and effortlessly.
Then as the child grows up and begins to speak and get a response, she will begin to form a layer between the two worlds. For some of us this layer is thick and almost impenetrable. We live from our conscious minds only; forming judgements based only on what the intellect deems acceptable. We forget that there is a torrent of information and guidance deep within us; for we have the answers to it all within. But if we have closed the door to our deepest self; been told by our peers not to listen to our inner voice, then it is going to be a complete revelation to us when we realise there is more to ourselves than what we merely see on the outside.

She is exploring foods, wanting to try what everyone else is eating as well as what she is given. Yesterday when I had her in my arms she wanted to taste the drink I had in my hand; it was a green juice (kale, spinach, cucumber, celery and apple) and I allowed her to use my straw to taste the juice. Oh the face! She recoiled in disgust! (and spat it out all over my white top!)
There was no conscious filter of,

I mustn’t do this” or “I shouldn’t say that

She gave me her truth, and it was beautiful.
Can we be more like this?
In tune with who we really are?
Giving people an authentic answer?

“I don’t like the way you speak to me”
“I am feeling unsupported right now”
“Can you please not eat that / drink that around me”
“I need you to back off”

Can you see how revolutionary this really is? How we don’t usually do this at all? How we put up with what we don’t want; settle for second best; and push down what we are really feeling?

Do you think your subconscious mind wants to drink the poison that is alcohol?
Do you think your subconscious mind wants to eat crap?
Do you think your subconscious mind wants to stay in the unfulfilling and verbally abusive relationship?
Do you think my 14 month old niece would want any of those things?

I remember as a teenager having my first taste of wine when I sneaked into the kitchen during a house party: It tasted truly horrible!
I remember as a teenager bunking off school and having my first cigarette: I was physically sick!

Whatever you are addicted to, think back to when you first consumed it. It wasn’t natural was it? You had to learn to like it; you had to change your cell receptor sites so that your body could accept being bombarded with this toxin over and over again, day after day.


I think us addicts should have baby therapy.
We should remind ourselves of our natural state.
Who we were before we got hooked.

And then we jump BACK to that reality; we switch in an instant from screaming to laughing.
As easy as that.
Once we make the decision that it’s over.
One step is all it takes.
And it’s gone forever.

Normal service is resumed…..

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