Daily Motivation – Week 13

Day 85

Not What You Might Think.



I’m Back!

It’s been a month since I trained, what with being in Scotland on retreat for 10 days and then really not in the mood after that to up the tempo; instead enjoying the cocoon of my post-retreat calm.
Sometimes it’s hardto take the first step, it seems like such a huge leap of faith but once you do you wonder why on earth you didn’t before. I hear many comments like that from the QS community; shocked that not drinking/drugging/bingeing is actually so much easier than they had thought, that their fear being PROJECTED out was totally unfounded.

I began building up resistance about getting back into the gym because I was PROJECTING that I thought it was going to be tough. But actually I LOVED IT and I’ve been back in the gym everyday since; in fact it’s like I literally can’t stay out!

So what are you PROJECTING?
What are you expecting to be difficult?
Why are you making this more problematic than it needs to be?

I did this for literally years with cigarettes, cocaine, partying, drinking, food, codeine and caffeine. Round and round I went, struggling because I was told at every turn that it was supposed to be difficult, yet once I’d made the decision; stepped with both feet across to the next lane it became, dare I say it, not just easy but ENJOYABLE.

I remember when the craving for a drink would come along and I would laugh at it. For now I was seeing it for exactly what it was; a trick of the mind, an old habit, an outdated way of thinking. And like you regularly update your operating system on your computer so that it runs smoothly, you must keep updating your mindset; are you in alignment with your truth?  And if the answer is that you are struggling then there is some work to be done in meditation; what needs to be recognised and adjusted?

For me the work continues even though the major addictions are gone.
I forever ask myself how can I be more in balance?
How can I be happier and healthier?
How can I be more true to who I really am in my work-life, home-life, family-life etc…
It continues to be the same work, but becoming more and more subtle.
See us addicts get to work out a system; first tackling the gross problems but then applying the learning to all areas of our lives. We get answers to questions that some never ask, because life for them never got critical.

So again I will say WE ARE THE LUCKY ONES.
We are in a position TODAY to look closely at our lives and question everything in it.
No more feeling like a victim; take control and ENJOY the process.
I’m off to meditate first and then get back in the gym! 💪

Day 86

Why You’ve Got To Make The Effort.



While I was training yesterday I realised how much I was pushing myself physically and mentally, and how much I was enjoying it. And I began thinking how we have got to at some point push through our comfort zone to get anywhere new.

With your addiction you are stuck somewhere.
Imagine that stuckness as a circle.
And freedom is outside of that; you’ve got to step outside of where you currently feel safe and quantum jump into a new reality. That takes bravery, especially the very first step and it will feel weird, uncomfortable perhaps, but you know you are doing the right thing.

Our American members celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday and some got triggered because everyone else was drinking and you can read some of the support below.
The feeling was that there was a sense of ‘missing out’ on the celebrations and the easiest thing to do would have been to conform to what you would ‘normally’ do and what everyone else is doing and remain in your comfort zone.


Step outside and experience something new.
Take that leap of faith and get uncomfortable;
KNOWING that as soon as you get used to your NEW normal then just like driving on the other side of the road when we go on holiday, it becomes second nature.

Then the magic in your life really begins to show itself.
Because you get used to flexing this new muscle and become braver in all areas of your life. You notice how strong you are and immediately have more confidence in yourself. And because you have this new belief in yourself you begin to expand in all areas of your life; it’s like a contagious new disease spreading through the whole of your life, but rather than destroy you it lifts, supports and encourages growth.

Now I can see this courage seeping into different areas of my life, like weight training, and I see how my addiction has had such a positive impact on my life. So don’t make it wrong.
Instead see that you have a chance for true greatness.
See your addiction as a stepping stone of discovery into a new world.
One of confidence, magic and freedom….

Day 87

Are you wasting what is available?

1 + 1 = Hold On Tight.

As 2016 draws to a close we are facing not just the end of a year but the end of a nine year cycle. This holds great significance, with the power of it not to be underestimated, and these next few weeks can be used to harness this closure and get clarity on where you want to go.

This year has been difficult for many and it’s no surprise when you look at the numerology; everything is coming to an end. And for those longing for sobriety there really couldn’t be a better time to let go of the past and welcome in a completely different way of living.

This weekend we have our Quantum Superpowers weekend retreat and this afternoon we’ll be making vision boards and getting very clear about where we are GOING. Because there has got to be a plan when you open your car door up, sit inside and start the engine; where are YOU going?

So with the energy of 1 powering up January we should get ready for the ride of our lives. Felt that this year has gone quickly? Well hold on tight to 2017 as we go hurtling through the quantum at supersonic speed. And if you don’t want to feel totally out of control with a demeanour of depression and would rather enter this new cycle of 9 plugged in to collective-consciousness, then I suggest you get on your cushion and tap into your innate power; one that is perhaps currently being concealed by your addiction.

Time is speeding up and is not about to slow down any.
It is US that needs to step up and match the high energies that are around us.
And we can use them to either lift us and elevate us to our potential, or we will become even more swallowed up by life.

It is exciting, and I’ve actually changed my vision board three times this year (usually I update it annually) because the upgrades keep coming thick and fast, and I am literally not the same person I was this time last year when I thought that my vision board that I made then would last me until this weekends Quantum Superpowers retreat.

So what are YOU creating?
Where are YOU going?
And are YOU ready to close down this cycle of 9 and begin the next orbit?
I wonder where we’ll all be in 9 years time?!


Day 88

Tis the season to drink far too much.

And So It Begins.

As we slide into the last few days of November, thoughts are beginning to turn towards Christmas and the relentless amount of alcohol and food that you are expected to consume. Black Friday heralds the beginning of the madness where people spend money on items they don’t really need and find bargains that are simply what the retailer wants to get rid of.

I’m afraid to tell you that you are being lied to.
There are many people who want your money.
And there are many who want YOU to join THEM in copious amounts of wine and mince pies in the coming few weeks.WHAT IS YOUR PLAN?
What are you going to drink?
What are you going to eat?
What are you going to say?

These are all things that we are going to be exploring in great detail over the next few weeks in the online programme, with tons of ideas already coming in from the community, and it all kicks off this afternoon with a livestream of chef Dom creating healthy Christmas cake. So members get ready at 2pm in the private forum, and if you’ve been thinking of joining for a while then now is the time to take the leap of faith and join this amazing community. We are fully ramping things up now in preparation for the Christmas pull that we will inevitably witness towards what we don’t want to consume any longer.

With December just a few days away NOW has to be the time to get ready and prepared for the time that many find the hardest; you don’t have to do this alone! We are here to support you! Reach out in the darkness and find us, because we are waiting…..


Day 89

What Happened Yesterday?


TWO Livestreams Yesterday.

Totally loving this medium of offering on Facebook; interactive and fun! We are able to share so much information with the community this way. I always livestream in the Quantum Sobriety private group on a Sunday afternoon UK time because that is when there are the most people around and everyone really gets a lot from the content, plus you can ask questions live and get the answers immediately.

Click the image below to watch cean-chef Dom’s livestream with him making chocolate brownies with hot chocolate sauce, and it went down so well that we’ve asked him to do some more kitchen magic! Nutrition is such an important part of our recovery and awakening; we must ‘feed’ our evolution on all levels and a healthy diet is imperative to the process. Dom and I have not eaten sugar for nearly three years and that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on cake, and this livestream proves that. Maybe the next of Dom’s livestreams will be his infamous clean mince pies 🙂

Day 90

Today’s New Moon Mean’s It’s Time To Drop The Story.


Could it really be as easy as to just let go of our resistance?

Do we need to simply drop the story and see what happens?
What if I told you that it WAS that easy?

For whatever we are feeling we are pulling back to us instantly, sometimes ten-fold, so you can see how important it is to get into the vibration of where you want to be, rather than remaining where you currently find yourself. It’s like a game of catch-up; YOU decide in your head where the game is going next, and life (your external experience) has to catch up with you.

So please take a look now and see what frequency you are currently in. If you were a huge magnet what are you luring in? And the trick here is to become the CONSCIOUS-creator of your world rather than the process being totally UNconscious.

“This is so difficult”  = more struggle being invited in
“I’m so fat”  =  the vibration of more weight being requested
“I hate myself”  = the low vibration of hate being called in
The external world that you see with your eyes IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE SUMMONED.  
And you’ve got to pull yourself out of all negative self-talk and begin to talk as if you were already where you wanted to be. And yes in the beginning this can be a little strange, but you get used to it once you fully realise how it works and then the sky really is the limit(lessness).

Today at 12:18 GMT is the New Moon and this marks the PERFECT time to flick a switch in your brain and begin to think in a new more positive way….and if you can meditate at this time, even if for just a minute or two then you are going to harness the energy of newness throughout the next month…..

Day 91

It’s December – How Does That Make You Feel?

You cannot deny it, Christmas is coming. And with it comes parties, celebrations, stress, family and tons of shopping. This can be a hugely anxious time for those new to or struggling with a sober life as we get bombarded from every direction it seems by the lure of party food and booze.

Should you attend your works Christmas party and stand in the corner all night feeling uncomfortable?
Or stay at home in safety and wait for it all to go away?

Stop drinking/drugging/binge eating now?
Or start your detox after Christmas/Valentines/Easter/your birthday?
(Is there ever a good time?)

I remember my first ever sober Christmas, it was 2011 and I just couldn’t believe that at aged 39 I had never experienced the festive period without copious amounts of drugs or booze. In my younger days I would have purchased a huge amount of cocaine to consume on Christmas Eve which meant that Christmas day passed by in a blur of downer and despair and back then I wouldn’t have even considered staying in and not doing that. Then New Year was another massive binge with a cocktail of cocaine, ecstasy and alcohol over a 48 hour period in a club; all of this I called ‘fun’.

Many worry when they stop drinking and drugging that they are going to become ‘boring’, but looking back on my past behaviour I can honestly say that THAT is what I now would call boring. Getting so ‘off it’ that I couldn’t remember conversations or what had happened during the night is boring, having a shit nights sleep because my body is furiously ridding the poison it’s been fed is boring, and feeling like death warmed up the next day is boring.

However, feeling free in my head and leaving the party a little earlier than most is what I now perceive as ‘fun’; crawling into bed with my wits about me and completing my evening routine is what makes me feel ALIVE, and waking up the next day feeling smug and ready for the day ahead gives me all of the feelings that I want in my life: freedom, connection, joy, LOVE.

And as I now move towards my sixth sober Christmas I wouldn’t have it any other way and this is how I WANT and CHOOSE to live my life. But how are YOU feeling now that we are in the month of December?



Member Quote’s Of The Week.


In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:


Hi. Just finished watching the live webinar. Thanks to everyone who was on, really got a lot from it.

Was lucky that both my kids were invited out to tea tonight, so I could pop onto the webinar before work. Even 15mins was worth it. Love seeing you guys and I went to work more uplifted…

Jo thank you for being such an inspiration. You make everyone feel so good about the future.

~ Responses to last nights webinar



Just checking in. At my daughter’s friend’s house. Everyone is drinking. This is a little hard but I will get through it

Some of the immediate responses:

Sending immediate support and love.
JUST THINK HOW THEY WILL BE SO JEALOUS OF YOU LATER/TOMORROW when they have steaming hangovers and you are feeling fine and dandy. Take yourself into the future and visualise yourself hangover-free and reaffirm WHY you no longer drink. You have got this and you are taking your sobriety to the NEXT LEVEL by experiencing this difficulty.

Get involved, without doing the drinking. It works for me and yes definitely look at the future as in no hangover tomorrow and the present blessing is you will remember everything as it really is. No memory blanks.. Xx you will benefit big style later on from not drinking

Visualise how wonderful you will feel tomorrow! You are going to do this!

You will be so happy later when you go to bed and even happier in the morning with no hangover



This group is addictive!! I am supposed to be working but hiding in the loo catching up on news! #gettingaddictedtothegoodstuff!” ~ M, Online Programme Member, UK


Big high this morning- MASSIVE low right now. Wine cravings on the way home…but was hungry so came home and made a good big pot of soup and wanted STODGE so I made a cacao chia pudding and ate slightly too much but am safe. Its the Christmas build up. It’s hard. Suddenly feeling very alone…..Happily the thought of drinking alone seems even sadder. So I will not. And if this was 8 months ago I would be nearly through the whole bottle now.” ~ Online Programme Member, UK


I am so grateful for my amazing weekend at the inner guidance retreat. I feel like a new person. I recommend everyone to go. Best thing I’ve ever done. And I know I’m on the right path. Thank you jo, dom, Nikki and tommy and the two ladies I was on the retreat with” ~ E, Online Programme Member, UK


After decades of struggle QS has shown me a new way – a new perspective and I now have every hope and confidence for my continued sobriety” ~ E, Online Programme Member, UK


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