Daily Motivation – Week 14

Day 92

In The Company Of Angels



We are mid-way through the last retreat of the year here at the retreat centre and this particular teacher who has brought her group to us is particularly special. Alison Knox painted the angel paintings that hang on each side of the studio, holding the space for the important work that happens here.

It is fitting that Alison’s retreat is the last one of each year (this is the second year and the third year of her holding retreats in our space) with the week being called ‘Gratitude’. We are closing down 2016 and all of the groundbreaking activity that has manifested within these walls.

Plus with Dom and I being part of the retreat we work on ourselves as we prepare for our trip to Guatemala to visit the Chocolate Shaman next week. So with an epic sound meditation late last night and one of the archangels below sleeping in my bedroom overnight, this morning I awake to a stunning red sunrise and crisp hard frost and the world seems even more magical than it did before. I am overcome with Gratitude on this last day of November and want to share the angel visitors that are here this week with you…..

Day 93

Struggle Through It Or Enjoy Christmas, The Choice Is YOURS


Wow what a response I had from yesterdays question!
Some were excited about their first sober Christmas but many had a dark trepidation about the PRESSURE they felt under to drink, drug and binge eat over the festive period.
The thing is to do so has, until this point, been your norm and to do anything for the first time is always going to be a little strange. However, with a little coaching we can move your current set-point from one of fear to EXCITEMENT at the prospect of a sober Christmas and all that it means:

  • Remembering every conversation
  • No hangovers
  • Clarity
  • Not getting triggered to say something you wouldn’t normally
  • ………………. :fill in the blank with how different it could be for you, rather than your own usual response that you beat yourself up about the next day

It’s all about our perception whether our first sober Christmas is enjoyable or a struggle, and nobody can make that decision other than you. And why make it difficult when it could be easy! IT’S YOUR CHOICE! Both options are available to you and both options are existing side by side in parallel universes (those on the online programme, this is an ideal time to do the Alternate Reality meditation, using Christmas as the subject).


Nobody else
So don’t give your power away to anyone or anything
Take it back
Become MORE of yourself without the substance that has been covering up your greatness for too long now. It is time to wake up to your true self, because you are amazing underneath the struggle. I believe in you.


Day 94

You have been chosen, Do you accept though?


If you are reading this it means that there is something inside of you that wants change.
The old way of living just doesn’t cut it any longer and deep within you there is a longing for more. And make no mistake there are many who drink/drug/binge-eat MORE than you but don’t have this burning desire to change; BUT YOU DO, YOU ARE SPECIAL.

You have been chosen for something greater than your current reality, and that is exciting

So rather than despair at this time of year, rejoice.
Celebrate the fact that YOU ARE WAKING UP.
Many are not and find it ‘fun’ to harm themselves through huge amounts of toxins. And we know that this is not good for us, our bodies remind us the next morning in the form of headaches, nausea, fatigue, depression, remorse, regret and disgust.

So many take these symptoms in their stride, not bothered by the relentless journey AWAY from truth. For truth needs an environment of purity to breed harmony and contentment; it is distinguished by alcohol, drugs, sugar and cheap ingredients, you can’t have both.

You have been chosen for something magical and beautiful and if you open your eyes you will begin to see it everywhere; the quantum rearranging your external world when YOU come into alignment with YOUR truth. And no two truths are the same, no one has yours and yours is different from everyone else’s; the world needs YOU in your power. For you are one of the chosen ones to lead the way in sobriety, YOU are strong my friend; that is what I see in you, not weakness like others may. I am sending out a frequency of sobriety and truth and YOU have answered that call by being here and reading this; do you get how important that is?


In fact one of the strongest ones because the quantum sends a big message (addiction, loss etc) to JOLT us out of the inertia that many are experiencing and that we are waking up from. If it was not dramatic like a lightening strike then maybe we wouldn’t have taken notice, but you did didn’t you because you’re here.

You have begun the journey home.
Home to your heart, your truth, to love.
…and there are so many of us now, joining together and becoming even stronger in community. Wow 2017 is going to be super powerful!


Day  95

Are You Seeing The Magic Around You?


We need to slow down to SEE the magic; we’re not going to notice anything if we conduct our lives in a whirlwind of stress, expectations, deadlines and responsibility.
Something is obviously going to have to give.
You are going to have to get on your meditation cushion and connect to stillness.
And in the beginning yes it may be difficult but if you listen to recorded meditations you literally feel like time shifted: BECAUSE IT JUST DID.

The magic is playing out all around you every moment, but are you seeing it?
Yesterday I noticed everything and on a number of occasions had to laugh out loud!

  • I got stuck behind a super slow car and was cursing as I thought I’d miss my train, and there was policeman with a speed gun; I would have been caught speeding if that slow car was not in front of me
  • I realised that I forgot to pick up the exact change for the car park like I normally do, then fished around in my handbag and had the EXACT right amount
  • I set the intention to catch a certain train and catch it I indeed did
  • I wanted to purchase 16 of something and the shop had EXACTLY 16!

The magic is there if you are looking for it and if you believe.
All around.
And the more in alignment you get to your heart, the more the magic reveals itself.
Try it today!


Day 96

How Can Being sick As A Dog Be OK?


I’ve not been this sick in literally a decade; I just don’t get ill, but for four days now I have been coughing, sneezing, sniffling and shivering (I think the aches are just about to start!).

Most would probably view this as being run down, having a low immune system or generally tired.
But the thing is I am none of those things, quite the opposite in fact.

As you will already know I firmly believe that what you think you become, so how on earth did this connected, healthy serial meditator manifest the flu?
This is what I think is going on….

We had a very powerful Monday to Thursday retreat last week where a lot of energetic ‘stuff’ was cleared. I had deep shifts within the meditations and many lightbulb moments around the dinner table during captivating conversation, and when so much happens in a very short space of time like this the pressure cooker has to let off steam:

  • Coughing = getting something off your chest, ready to speak to the world
  • Sneezing = a forceful release
  • Sniffles = the body releasing what it no longer needs. I made the decision last week to be primarily vegan, and phlegm is often formed from the consumption of a lot of dairy (I’ve not eaten it for a few months now) so maybe my body is releasing it from a deeper level?

It feels like I’m shedding a skin and although I feel pretty awful and have taken the weekend off I am almost enjoying the process as I know I am seriously upgrading. And what perfect timing as we close down the nine year cycle and get ready for 1st January 2017.

I listen to the messages that my body is constantly giving me, always in tune and connected.
And even sick there is no struggle
no resistance
it’s all ok
everything is all right. 


Day 97

Anything Is Possible If You Ask, And I’m Asking.


At this time of year especially we must surround ourselves with support and know exactly where to turn if we get triggered. There has to be a plan, a network; YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR HELP.

It’s much harder getting sober on your own.
There is strength in numbers.
So who has got your back?

An amazing sober Christmas is just around the corner, it is possible for it to be easy too if you have alternatives arranged and a backup plan just in case.
Who are you going to reach out to in an emergency?
Who are you going to ask for help?

When you have that support network around you and you ask for help, just a few words can make all the difference and flick the switch from destructive behaviour to where you actually want to be. I know that this Daily Motivation Blog supports many as I get emails like this all of this time,


“Sometimes I think you’re a witch Jo (in a good way!), like the day I made a self help list headed “Discipline”. I turned on my computer and your daily guidance was entitled “Discipline”! You often write about things that are uppermost in my mind.”

Theresa, Residential Retreat and Online Programme, UK

Day 98

Have you Got Faith?



Some will read the title of this blog and easily say ‘yes’

Others will automatically respond ‘no’
But what does the question really mean?

What I am talking about here is a feeling that we ALL search for; faith in something that makes it all make sense, through the struggle that we’ve perpetuated and the torment that we’ve endured; is the knowledge that is was always meant to be this way.

Faith Is Believing You Can Fly Before Wings Have Grown

Faith for some is found outside of themselves through religion
Faith for others is found inside through the connection to self / source / the quantum
We all have a different way of expressing it, and none of them are wrong
Each of us linked together with this faith that cuts through colour, creed, race and religion
It brings us together rather than dividing us
Because when we are living from here, from our truth, there is only LOVE
Love for all
Love for self
Love for the planet
Love for our community
Love for every single person on the planet

I was in a meeting all day yesterday with the international peace charity ‘Initiatives Of Change‘ with the room full of people from all corners of the planet, everyone speaking the same language of love, unity, connection and peace. And it was the meeting that inspired todays blog.

Meditation will lead you to faith
It is the path within
To ultimate connection
To that place of stillness that we catch in meditation first of all as a glimpsing promise, then ever more regularly until it becomes your natural state.

Faith is a beautiful thing
A belonging
A sense that you are meant to be here, right here, right now, doing what you are doing
And if you don’t have it, please join me in meditation daily, for I do not want you to miss out on what is possible….

Member Quote’s Of The Week


Quantum Sobriety has changed my life as not only have I been given the tools to completely change and upgrade my life from alcohol addiction, I have met some lovely like-minded people who are going through the same things as me. Togetherness is a wonderful thing” K, Online Programme, UK



I’ve voted by the way so good luck – you deserve to win – youve been a lifeline to me since I joined QS.” E, Online Programme, UK

Just voted! Of course we want you to win….inspiring us all daily…others NEED to know & be inspired by your wisdom too.” K, Online Programme, UK

Voted for ya! Thanks for the great words of inspiration!” J, Online Programme, USA

Vote For This Blog.

I am so excited to have been nominated for the UK blogging awards under two categories:

  • Lifestyle
  • Health and Social Care

It would be amazing to get through and become a finalist, and then ultimately win. What winning means to me is that this Daily Motivation blog would get to new people each morning, and inspire more to get sober the easy way. So please help make that happen, I NEED YOUR VOTE.

You can vote for me in both of the categories once you click on the link below:


It’s really simple, all you have to do is click on the photo and go to my page on the UK Blog Awards website, choose which category you want to vote in -or both!- enter your details and hit ‘submit’. It’s really really easy and I appreciate YOUR HELP so much.
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