Daily Motivation – Week 17

Day 113

Your permission slip for a sober easeful christmas.


We are creating a new breed of sobriety.
This is the future.
We’re even making a new language, because the old one doesn’t fit.

This post came in this week from one of our members and it’s response has been viral throughout the group; a beautiful demonstration of how we are forging ahead as a community creating a new reality, one that many find difficult to comprehend.

Quantum Sobriety really is nothing more than a permission slip for you to become free. For when you see others doing it you get the green light to replicate the behaviour, and then pay that forward to those in your orbit.
” Triggered. Didn’t expect that. I am at a wedding, but I have been to a wedding before in sobriety and not been triggered, so really didn’t expect this. I am tired, maybe it’s that. I don’t really know anyone?, doesn’t usually bother me
Don’t know why, but I am triggered. Free wine on the tables. Being triggered is not a big deal to me, but being unhappy about it is. . A non negotiable for me is to be happy in sobriety. So I have had to drop inwards in a social situation and remind myself of the following. Sobriety is much more than not drinking to me. It’s about truth, peace, freedom.. Quitting drinking was probably the first time I ever impressed myself. . My soul is full of gratitude for stopping drinking.. Also there is only one person drinking at my table and they have had the same glass for about an hour. If i was drinking, I would be the one ploughing through the wine, no-one else is bothered about. It would be noticeable, I would be getting louder by now. If that wine got finished, I would probably take more from other tables. Omg.. No, I don’t want to be that. I think I just un triggered myself, thinking about it.. A coffee for my tiredness will do. ” 

J, Online Programme, UK
Response 1:  “OMG J** I frigging LOVE this!!! HUGE UPGRADE 💫💫💫
“I just un-triggered myself”
You are an inspiration

Response 2: ” Love that phrase “

Response 3 (me): ” I’ve said it before, we are doing something so new that we are creating a new language 💫💫 ”

Response 4: ” A fine example of un-triggering J**.
My husband has twice brought home a bottle of free wine from Christmas events this season that he swiped from tables.

Like you said, sitting with one glass for an hour would not be me, unless I was punishing myself in some way.
I would always be trying to drink as slowly as possible to keep at the pace of friends and colleagues. Better to be free of all that. ”

Response 5: ” Love your post J**. Well done you for un triggering yourself. You’re an inspiration “

Response 6: ” I like what you say about not drinking. It is not just about not drinking. It’s about peace and truth. Boom Shaka laka!!! “

Response 7: “ Love it love it love it… Sobriety is so simple- just do not drink- and whatever comes up acknowledge it and then step up to the challenge!! I feel a lot like you.. so much I could have done better in the past but Sod that- Right NOW we CAN do this one thing thats going to improve our lives forever. And you are succeeding big time 🙂 Excellent progress :)You’re going to have such a great Christmas week “

Response 8: ” Thank you, J**. The part about sobriety being about more than just not drinking and reconnecting with what it means to you was exactly what I needed to hear right now. “

There were many more comments on the post (around 20) and it has been referred to throughout the last week. This is what the Quantum Sobriety community is about:


It’s more than the booze / sugar / drugs / gambling
It’s what lies underneath
It’s what you BELIEVE
And reading this blog you just got a permission slip to ENJOY a sober and easeful Christmas.
Please let me know what you think about that!
And whether you are going to be enjoying an easeful sober Christmas tomorrow…


Day 114

I fell apart yesterday…



I fell apart
I crumbled
Tears falling down my face
I literally couldn’t control the sobbing.

And all of this quite out of the blue the morning we left Guatemala.
I knew that I had shifted much of the residue of this past nine year cycle, I mean come on we watched a volcano erupt and felt an earthquake; this trip was always pointing towards transformation. And the flu played it’s part too the week before we travelled, all of it forcing me downwards into myself and the wounds of my past.

Of course I welcomed it.
I allowed the release to leak out from my eyes, I couldn’t hold it back; that was an impossibility.
Crying in that last meditation with the volcanoes watching over me.
Sobbing in the shower as I felt the water cleanse me.
Then as I dried myself and looked out of the same window that I’d been doing so for the last 12 days, I saw for the first time a hummingbird feeding from the flowers on the wall. And only the previous afternoon I’d seen a bird feeding on berries in another part of the hotel and thought how nice it would be to see a hummingbird.

I cried even more as I looked up the message of hummingbirds and realised that she was indeed providing me with an answer. However I was left with a knot in my stomach and found it difficult to eat breakfast; there was work to be done still here at the lake and not much time to do it. The knot was like standing on a precipice; knowing that you are about to leap into the unknown, but not knowing yet how you were going to survive the fall.

I knew transformation was imminent.
And suddenly got an image of a caterpillar in it’s chrysalis literally dying from the process.
And in that moment part of me died.
The old me.
The addicted me.
The angry me.
The fearful me.
In fact all of the parts of me that no longer serve; gone.

I couldn’t stop the tears as we sailed away from our beautiful hotel, so I let them fall.
The wind was strong in my hair and it added to the release.
As we docked at the pier where our taxi to the airport was waiting for us, I knew exactly what I was going to do to signal to the quantum that I was ready for the next nine year cycle and all that it promises. So as our driver scurried to get our luggage from the boat to the van I lay down on the pier and plopped both hands into the lake. And it is there that I sent the energetic scar tissue, deep into the lake and the crater of so many volcanoes over time.

It was perfect.
And the lake smiled knowingly.
This is what she wanted, this is her job; to facilitate transformation.

I was literally overcome as I sat in the van and we began the journey up one of the huge mountains; the only way out of this unique and magical place. Again tears poured from my eyes, and as the van ascended so did my energy; what had been heavy and cumbersome was now as light as a feather.
The tight stomach was gone.
I no longer felt off balance.
And the message that hummingbird brought on the one website that I clicked on was this,
“The hummingbird spirit animal symbolises the enjoyment of life and lightness of being”
And it was not the first time the word ‘lightness’ has been given to me, for on our last retreat in November we did an exercise where everyone was given a word. Mine was ‘lightness’.

And so this is the word that I take into the next nine year cycle which begins on 1st January 2017. But we don’t need to wait until then, for these new energies are here for some already and very close for others. So for us all it’s time to shed this skin and bring enjoyment in our sobriety and lightness into everything that we do.

What word are you taking into 2017 and the new cycle of nine years?


Day 115

Is it going to happen?


Merry Christmas!
So how are you feeling?
Are you going to have a HAPPY and sober Christmas or one where you feel like you’re missing out, or perhaps you’ve already had a drink?

Whatever you believe you will experience, so however this email finds you take stock for a moment and comprehend where you are at right now.

a) You are sober and HAPPY: congratulate yourself on this monumental mindset shift, you are AMAZING.
b) You are sober but struggling: meditate for 5 or 10 minutes and tap into the belief that is holding you back from freedom. Why do you think it has to be difficult. I am going to share with you many of the comments that have been coming in to the private QS Facebook group over the last 24 hours, to demonstrate just how many people are finding freedom in sobriety. And not to make you feel bad, rather to show you that it is actually possible.
c) You are drinking: what about setting a date for sobriety? Creating a plan and making a commitment is how you are going to move from one reality to a more favourable one. What do you want? Are you where you want to be? And if the answer is no then something needs to change….and if my words resonate with you then why don’t you join the online community or come on the one day workshop on Saturday 7th January (details below), to see if we are a good fit for your sober future.


Day 116

Birthing Sobriety












I had a very powerful meditation yesterday.
In it I had a vision of many of you reading this having the cords and ties to the past cut, and being released from your addiction.

I spent the day with my two year old niece yesterday and obviously she spent some time in her highchair whilst having Christmas dinner, and it was this harness that she was in that tapped into something within me.

My meditation was after dinner.
I saw members unclipping themselves and walking free. Others were confused at this new freedom and were unsure how to step into this bright new sober future; not quite believing that it could be real.

It is.
This programme does that

You get permission and a map to guide the way.
So many had their first sober Christmas yesterday, and enjoyed it.
Did you?
Below is one of my favourite blogs that I refer back to all of the time.
We cannot run a marathon without any training, and we cannot birth a child without a gestation period. I fully witness clients go through this process, no matter what sex they are (I haven’t had a child myself, just a gorgeous niece) and I’d like to share this blog again today.

And no matter whether you are feeling SMUG today for having had a sober Christmas Day yesterday, or disappointed because you succumbed, please gain inspiration from these words and let me know which trimester YOU are in right now….

Birthing Sobriety

Originally posted in 22nd April 2016
When we’re on this journey of sobriety it should be treated with the utmost respect. I see it as a pregnancy, for you ARE about to birth a new life for yourself….

1st Trimester:
For three months you don’t tell anyone.
It’s a precious secret.
Something to be protected and revere

You shield yourself from dangerous situations until you get stronger.
Surround yourself with only people who understand what you are going through and support your recovery from the hell you’re moving away from.
2nd Trimester:
It’s now time to venture further into this sober world, but still it’s imperative that you PREPARE yourself.
What are you going to say

What are you going to drink instead?
What are you going to eat?
How are you going to stay strong when everyone around you is getting inebriated?
How are you going to refuse the drink / cake / line when offered?
3rd Trimester:
Everything is getting easier now, like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.
You KNOW how to cope in difficult situations….maybe they are no longer difficult at all. In fact dare you say it, it’s EAS

You are now feeling amazing;
More energy
Why on earth would you wa
t to go back?
Don’t get cocky!
Don’t think,
“I’ve got this…..I can now have just one”
Because it doesn’t work like that.
That ONE will lead to FOUR will lead to TEN will lead to BLACKOUT :'(
First Three Months of Life:
This is a milestone for all of us no matter what sex we happen to be. 9 months is how long it takes for us humans to develop, and our sobriety is ready for the next step.
This is when I began to shout from the rooftops that I was FREE.
I felt different at this time.
I knew that the next stage of my life had been birthed, I began to plan with the confidence that I was NEVER going to drink again (i’ve done this also with sugar, caffeine and drugs).
There was a KNOWING that wasn’t there before.
One Year of Sobriety:
A huge shift happens here. You’ve experienced Christmas, New Year, your birthday, others’ birthday celebrations, parties, holidays, summer, winter, the cold and the heat.
You KNOW how to deal with all of those events and situations.
And you stop thinking about it all the time.
Mind has opened up to other thoughts, dramas, and directions.

Do you remember the days when you woke up with a hangover and a suitcase load of regrets? You spent the whole morning trying to remember what you said, who you texted, and did you have an argument with your partner? You feel regretful, disappointed, full of remorse. There is no more room in your mind for anything else as it’s saturated with self-disgust.


Now you don’t even think about drinking.
It’s gone.
You wake up and feel great about yourself.
You get on with life; exciting projects; new directions and opportunities, without a thought of the destruction that was such an integral part of your life a year ago.
You suddenly have a flashback and it takes your breath away how different your life is now. If only you could have known how amazing you would feel sober; you would have done this years ago.
‘Why did I stay in hell for so long?’
You have created a new reality for yourself and there is now no going back because you literally are not the same person any longer.
Have no regrets because you NEEDED to go through what you have done to appreciate who you are about to become. That old life is part of your story; an intrinsic part of your life puzzle. Do not deny any part of yourself, rather become MORE of yourself

This is why I created a year-long online programme, to give support throughout your sobriety pregnancy and to give you a safe place to give birth. Everyone else in the community knows exactly what you are going through and we have members who are birthing sobriety from sugar, alcohol, drugs, sex, binge-eating and more.

We understand you.
We get you.
We SEE you where you are right now.
Do get in touch if you’d like further information.


Day 117

My Top Tip For Getting Back Into A Routine.


There is much flu-type sickness about (I’ve had it)
It’s a strange time of year (Christmas)
People are on holiday (I’ve been to Guatemala)
All in all we are all over the place.

And just ONE of these things can push us off course and out of our daily routine, let alone all three at once!
So I thought I would talk this morning about getting back into our routine and what my top tip for getting back into it is.

I went for a whole week without meditating or doing any exercise when I was sick a few weeks ago, and now that I’m suffering from jet lag my whole routine has been messed up with me getting up late and not sleepy until the wee hours. I can go for a few days without my practice and feel ok, but once we get to the one week mark things begin to unravel;

  • I get irritable
  • I am less tolerant
  • I suffer with insomnia
  • I get sciatica
  • and the list goes on….

Then after the very first session all of these negative side-effects: GONE

Meditation is like magic
And if you want magic in your life then it’s time to get back on the cushion.
We’ve got work to do
The New Moon on the 29th
A New Year and new nine year cycle in less than a week
And if we want to harness this powerful energy fully then we must prepare.

So my top tip to get back on the cushion and reestablish your practice today is:
No more than that
Gradually ease yourself back in
Don’t push yourself or punish yourself
Fall back in love with your practice and 5 minutes today with be 10 tomorrow and 20 the day after that  🙏


Day 118

I believe in you, but do you believe in you?



I delivered QS to my local twelve step programme detox centre yesterday and my dream of empowering a mainstream audience became a little bit more real. My intention is for these meditations to reach anyone whose heart stirs when someone says,


“I believe in you, I believe you can do this”
And not just achieve sobriety, but find FREEDOM.
Because it’s all available and whatever you believe you create, so what are YOU creating today?
The description that I use for this, and what I used in the workshop yesterday was lanes of traffic. For we know that when we move into another lane we need to make the move fully so that we don’t lurk in the danger zone; can you imagine driving in between lanes and swerving from one to another without committing to either? It would be like absolute chaos, yet that is what we do in our addicted lives.

What do you want?
Sobriety? Happiness? Freedom?

Well I believe in you, but do you believe in you?
Because I cannot do this for you, only you can change your mindset and ease into the next lane where sobriety comes effortlessly; where there is no need to punish yourself any longer because there is so much self-love and acceptance.

So one foot or two?
Are you ready to take the leap into the easy lane? 
And if you’ve not seen my interview with the Chocolate Shaman (recorded a year ago in Guatemala) where he talks about this, then you can catch up with it here.

Day 119

The gestation period

















We wake up this morning in the energy of todays New Moon at 6:53am GMT and this is the wake up call that many of us have been waiting for.
We are entering a magical phase of three days until the beginning of a new year and new nine year cycle, and an opportunity to harness this magic and place it firmly in YOUR life.

This new moons energy has the power to bring your dreams and intentions up to the surface and it is this exercise that we can begin to do today. Yesterday I got you to think about what you were choosing, and your current reality. Today it’s all about WHERE DO YOU WANT TO GO? This is a big part of the online programme; we look at answering this question in great detail, and today we will begin to do this here.

Break your life down into three areas; it could be:

  1. Health
  2. Relationships
  3. Work
  1. Family
  2. Spiritual life
  3. Love

It’s totally up to you how you break your life down, but I want you to take each of these three areas into your meditation over the next three days. So number 1 today, number 2 tomorrow and number 3 on New Years Eve on Saturday.
We are now in a percolation period where ideas and goals become clear and our path into 2017 is illuminated
It’s like a precursor to the main event which doesn’t normally happen; we are being gifted an opportunity to get clear on not just the upcoming new year but the whole nine year cycle which now looms. And I believe that we are going to enter a period of calm and ease these next three days before it all speeds up again from Sunday.

As you go into your meditation today, once you are settled and begin to rest your attention on your breath or sound, ask yourself,

“What do I want in my relationships/health/work/fill in the blank?”

And then let the question go.
Don’t try to answer it from your conscious mind, because your conscious mind DOESN’T KNOW THE ANSWER. However, your subconscious mind DOES know and it is in these depths that we are delving now in our meditation. So let the question filter through during the course of your meditation today and see if you get any flashes of insight straight from the home of your truth; your subconscious mind.
So much has changed in 2016 and we have to let go of much with today marking a shift, a pause, to reflect on the last 12 months and ask what’s next. And these three magical days form the gestation period of what comes next and one thing is for sure, we are coming into a cycle of truth. We cannot deny ourselves any longer, the voice of our heart has been getting stronger this year and we are about to begin to truly live in it’s energy, rather than that of our head and of logic and reason. It’s all about to change and meditation is what is going to keep us focused and in alignment with our heart energy. It’s super exciting and I hope you are feeling ready for this imminent shift!

Watch the livestream I made yesterday on the Quantum Superpowers FREE Facebook group, talking about this and what you can do to make the most of todays New Moon energy…


Member Quote’s Of The Week.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Today i am feeling great. So excited to have a sober Christmas. It has amazed me how much i have enjoyed the run up to Crimbo. I have really seen & felt magic this year. No never agains, no dread from waking up after Xmas works do’s. No twitching, clock watching of when it is acceptable to start the mulled wine, port & cheese board chaos. Simply enjoying the love, getting excited with my nephew, actually noticing what Christmas is actually about. Of course ive been triggered more than usual this month but its not going to happen. I want to be awake for every magical minute this year.

K, Online Programme, UK


“Yep that’s right, me time on Christmas Eve coz when I’m not drinking I’m organised, focused , creative and bloody productive   😉 HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone xxx”
E, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

“Happy Christmas everyone having lovely festive day with grandson and friends and no alcohol for me, don’t need as good vibes without the stuff…. It’s so lovely to feel free without no guilt of getting wasted and no control. Thanks for all your support on this group as my life has turned around for the better which at one point didn’t think was possible” 
C, One Day Workshop and Online Programme

“How is everyone today. I am so excited now for Christmas, like a kid. I think father Christmas may even be real. Again though I only slept very few hours, something so strange going on with my energy.. I am truly amazed at how well we have all done in what has been an intense month for us and all we have been through and shared here this month. I feel so connected to you all and am so looking forward to the webinar tonight. It is the high light of my day today.. Lots of love and light to you all. I feel so loved up”
J, Online Programme

“I have spent the last few days reading through posts on here and I’ve been doing my trigger meditation for the last 2 mornings. I have realised how stronger I feel reading through and being a part of this group on fb. I have been very distant from the group for a while as I have been so busy and feel like I haven’t had enough time to come on here. Well I have made it a priority the last couple of days and what a difference it has made and I now realise that’s the reason why I have been slipping. It’s not just the meditation that keeps you strong and keeps you away from your addiction it’s the whole support of everyone here. Reading what everyone is going through gives you a different sense, makes it real and helps you not only help others but help yourself in the process because you remind yourself why you are here and what you are doing this for. It’s to live in your truth! …. helps you understand that you are not alone and you never will be. So I am making it my mission to be a part of this group always and forever.”
D, Online Programme

“I have just woken up on Christmas Eve morning feeling pretty good…..and thinking of my last few Christmasses where family tradition dictates you start drinking Bucks Fizz at breakfast… once I was so sick after Christmas I had to stay in bed for 2 days… This Christmas I am just going to revel in some rare time off… Chillax…..watch lots of movies, go for walks.. So happy about it. Just occurred to me that is really quite Fucked Up that people regard our natural happy sober state as ‘punishment’.It’s not punishment. And not drinking is so hard if you think it is. When you crave the drink you’re craving anaesthesia and to go off into Lala land. When you already have the life you want I guess theres no craving as you’re there already. Its just getting there. We are all getting there though, I have no doubt of that. BIG LOVE everyone”
V, Online Programme

“Wishing you all the best and a big Thankyou from my heart,for all your love and support this past year. I will dedicate my Love meditation to you all. XxLovexX . Got to go, off to meditate.”
R, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

“Happy Christmas Eve everyone, thanks for all your love and support over the last few months. I couldn’t do it without you all”
E, Weekend Retreat and Online Programme

“This morning I woke up with perfect clarity.”
D, Online Programme


“Mum and Dad are so proud of me”
R, Residential Retreat and Online Programme


“Last year was a low for me. I got through hungover but felt so guilty. So much better this time 🙂 even full of cold”
C, Online Programme


“I just want to thank everyone for all the love and support
T, One Day Workshop and Online Programme


“Last year… Boxing Day was a dark day of lying in bed trying to remember how I got home from Christmas do I went to…. This year I had a long morning run out in the sunshine and felt great    I never ever thought I could be sober for so long. Everything’s changed. Its so much better. Having a restful day now watching more movies 
V, Online Programme


“First sober Christmas. Hoorah! Smug for sure. Not over quite yet but there is no way I’m undoing the last few months. Thanks Jo
S, Residential Retreat and Online Programme


“First sober Christmas in as long as I can remember. Looking back it was a good day really, even though long and boring in places….It’s been great to experience my kids so happy and grateful on Christmas day
J, Online Programme


“Just wanted to send huge heartfelt thanks to all my Quantum sisters & brothers – that pain that I spoke of in my chest (heart) earlier has now melted away completely dissolved through the power of connection and support that this group holds – Jo is right when she says that those of us who are here is not mere coincidence 💕🙏
J, One Day Workshop and Online Programme


“I’m back into my meditation and routine today and I can’t explain how much better that makes me feel that I’ve recovered from Christmas upset and stress very easily … I definitely believe meditation is the cornerstone of my practices. Although I make time for it almost every day I know I could do more and longer sessions so that’s my plan for 2017… seasons love to all
E, Residential Retreat and Online Programme


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