The Best Nights Are The Ones We Can’t Remember? 😳


I had a dream last night that this blog won a competition but it wasn’t about the personal recognition or ego in any way. I dreamt that as I accepted the award my speech was to many drunk people in the room saying how this award was going to help me change the stigma around ‘drinking to celebrate’. For this is such a difficult concept to grasp in the beginning of our ‘recovery’; and it is ‘recovery’ from social conditioning NOT the actual substance; how frigging crazy is that?

For we have been TAUGHT that we must get drunk to celebrate
TAUGHT that life without booze is boring
LEARNT from our peers that the best nights are the ones that we can’t remember (WTF?)

And for me it simply does not make sense
I am on a mission to change this
And for this blog to get bigger and reach a wider audience, my intention is only to change our societies belief around addiction. On my personal Facebook profile there is an option to put a sentence about yourself called ‘Intro’. Mine says:

My intention: for our planet to transcend addiction & find freedom.
That is what I do & who I am 

And so I sow this seed of intention
For this blog to reach who it is supposed to
Please share it with those that you think may benefit
And please follow us on Facebook and Instagram (links at the end of this email)
Share the words
Share the love
Let’s all find freedom…

*this blog was first published in December 2017

Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

Been off the booze now 3 weeks but god finding the weekends boring. Anyone else in same boat and any tips?
Online Member

Well done on three weeks. I find that planning and cooking some really pucker food is good. Indulging in a film you love. Really hot bath and fresh sheets. Tea and biscuits and a gripping book. And as much meditation as you can fit in. Agree on early morning commitments too. Fuck going back to the days when I was still up at 7am climbing the walls inside my head and wishing I could disappear. Welcome fresh coffee and the radio and scrambled eggs and laughter. I’m never ever going back. Keep going xxx
Online Member



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