Time To Feel SMUG

You know that feeling when you feel really good about yourself?

You’ve eaten well, not got drunk, meditated and done your daily workout. You feel frigging AMAZING!


That is SMUG.


And I want you to feel SMUG every single day.

SMUG is a good thing; it means you’ve achieved your dreams and are feeling good about yourself.


So what can you do today to get the SMUG feeling?

What makes YOU feel SMUG?


I put the word SMUG into a thesaurus and this is what came back:

– having exaggerated self-opinion

– self-righteous

– egotistical

– conceited

– self-important

– arrogant


And only much farther down were there a couple of words such as:

– agreeable

– fulfilled

– satisfied

– content


So it seems as a society that we do not like the word SMUG.

That is connotes complacency and overconfidence rather than happiness in oneself.


From today SMUG is good.

I want to give you the opportunity to feel good about yourself.

And to NOT FEEL BAD about expressing it.

I think our society often wants us to play small.


And even when we do something amazing we shouldn’t talk about it, we shouldn’t shout from the rooftops and tell everyone that we just did something awesome; instead we trivialise our achievements and don’t upset anyone.


We show up in a mediocre way

Like everyone else

Daily we clip our wings and give less to the world than we’re really capable of.

Up until today, up until NOW.


Today is different because I am giving you PERMISSION to fly.

PERMISSION to expand into your potential and be the best that you can be.

From today SMUG is a positive word, one where dreams are realised and confidence is through the roof.

For you were meant to soar.




Uncovering (My)



That is exactly what I see SMUG as being.

It’s about doing your best,

Rising up and feeling good about yourself.

I feel SMUG every morning when I’m up at 5:30 and blogging between 6 and 7 and then meditating until 8. Then there is plenty of time for a workout before my day starts.

Most days no one is up in the house and I feel SMUG because I made the effort; I made this day count; I decided that life is for LIVING not merely surviving, and I insisted that I was no longer going to squander my mornings by lying in bed and getting up at the last possible moment.


Think about two options for your morning:

  1. You get up 30 minutes before you need to leave the house and run around like a lunatic muttering obscenities under your breath; run for the bus; and perpetuate this madness throughout the day. OR:
  2. You get up 90 minutes before you need to leave the house and have time for your morning routine; feel good about yourself because you’ve done this, and carry the positive feeling of SMUG with you all day.


This is not a negative!

We are doing things that make us feel GOOD about ourselves.

So write down right now 10 actions that would make YOU feel SMUG. These are some of mine:



Smoothie making / juicing



Morning routine

Planning out healthy meals for the whole week

Eating salad


Drinking enough water


When I do these things I want to tell people I’ve done them because they make me feel proud. Your list should have items in it that make you feel like that, so your list may be different to mine. Don’t put something on your list that doesn’t hold a positive emotional attachment. Notice that my list doesn’t involve anyone else; it’s all personal actions that I take on my own.


The Opposite Meditation

I call this ‘waiting mind‘ meditation and it’s a great trick to switch your mindset and see things a totally different way. You may want to bring this technique into your regular meditation at the end; maybe spend the last 5 or 10 minutes doing this….


Sit down comfortably with your back straight and close your eyes. Become aware of your breathing; in and out; in and out. Notice that when you become present like this your breath naturally slows down. Don’t try to DO anything, just allow the natural rhythm to flow; no effort; no force; just allow.


Step back from your thoughts and become the observer.

Begin to watch WHAT is coming through.

Don’t get into a conversation; remember you are merely the observer.















After a few minutes (at least) of doing this you are going to begin doing the OPPOSITE:

Empty your mind and WAIT for a thought

Sit in the state of WAITING MIND and observe the first thought that comes in and then let it go.

Then come back to WAITING MIND and observe the first thought that comes in and then let it go.

Then come back to WAITING MIND and observe the first thought that comes in and then let it go.

Continue to do this for the remainder of your meditation……


For some people this technique is literally a revelation.

The shift in perception that comes allows them to really ‘get’ meditation.

Taking ourselves into the future, to where we really want to go and firmly telling the quantum that this is what we want; is manifestation in action.

We take control

We rise up to the challenge of life

We say YES.


Please join me in the SMUG revolution and let me know how YOU are manifesting the most amazing life to feel SMUG about.

If you would like more guidance on how to manifest the life of your dreams then please get in touch and join us on our next one-day workshop or retreat.


So the only question that remains is: WHAT ARE YOU DOING TODAY TO FEEL SMUG ABOUT???
Let me know….

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