The Quantum Vacuum

I am learning more everyday; for you first acquire information, then it gradually seeps deep down into every layer of your being until you understand it on all levels.

And so it is with my knowledge of freedom; I began many years ago reading a book and knowing in my heart that what I was consuming with my eyes was true. That information travelled deeper within me and I now live it entirely.

But there was a bridge between the two states of being, and that is meditation; the Quantum Vacuum; that which expands time and changes your life. Why on earth are we not all doing it?

I remember being overwhelmed all of the time.
There was always so much to do:
Paperwork, admin, family, phone calls, emails, responsibilities, expectations, meetings, classes, social media etc…

Towards the end of 2015 I seemed to reach a crescendo of stress and at times didn’t know how I was going to cope. Something had to give; there simply was not enough time.

The number one reason given to me by my clients for not meditating is,
“I haven’t got time”


The Quantum Vacuum is a conundrum that until you ‘get’ it, you really just do not get it! But once you do, life falls into place and overwhelm is gone for good; it no longer exists.

For on the quantum field time and space are collapsed and have a different meaning to what we normally understand. When you meditate you enter this world and EXPAND time. You shift your perception so much that everything changes; you view your experience in a different way and are able to prioritise life efficiently.

Six months ago I was rooted in overwhelm; a successful business that was pulling me from pillar to post. Now I have the same successful business PLUS ANOTHER ONE and I have upped my meditation practice by half again, and it is for this very reason that rather than drowning in the added workload I am not only swimming, but floating effortlessly.

I’ve created MORE TIME
Not less
I’ve stretched time by creating a Quantum Vacuum
And there is quite literally magic in my life.

Next time you sit down to meditate close your eyes and feel the space just beyond your shoulders to the sides, just in front of your chest and behind your back. See if you can stretch your consciousness farther than your physical body, and change your perspective of who you really are.

Then step back from your thoughts and create some distance between them, feel this space that opens up changing your perspective even further; this is the Quantum Vacuum; this is where the magic lies.

My advice is to put your alarm on ten minutes earlier than it is set already and use that time to begin to stretch time as the very first activity of your day. Then you take that expansive energy into everything that you create, for you have connected to the quantum and touched in on the space between YOU (consciousness) and your STRESS (external experience)
= The Quantum Vacuum

I am super excited to share this approach and will be teaching it on the next ‘Quantum Superpowers’ One-Day Workshop on the 11th June. It’s only £97 and includes a cacao ceremony and two course clean lunch along with two meditations. 10am – 5pm at Inner Guidance Retreat Centre, Suffolk.
I’d love for you to join me and learn how to connect to your Quantum Superpower….
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Copyright 2016 Jo De Rosa

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