Three Years Sober, Who Have I Become?

Well here I am, three years down the line.
And who knew that life could get SO good…
I’ve become the REAL me.New Project
Who I was always meant to be, before I decided to cover myself up with what I thought I wanted; what my friends and family wanted; and what society wanted.

I cannot say it often enough to anyone who feels stuck, whether it’s an addiction to drugs, alcohol, sugar, anger or perhaps you are simply just playing smaller than you really are. It doesn’t matter which one, the substances/emotions are simply manifestations of what you believe about yourself and your worth.

And whatever you are using to hold you back, why are you preventing yourself from living life in top gear? Why are you not allowing yourself to have the best experience possible? It doesn’t make sense….

And don’t you worry I have been there!
– Laying in the street crying because the bar just closed.
– Risking everything but not caring as I bought large amount of drugs (in Thailand) and drove with them in my shoe.
– Kicked out and barred from a bar because I attacked someone.
– Woken up swollen eyed from crying and having no idea why.
– Driving drugged up to the eyeballs through London.
– Teaching yoga while still drunk.

None of it am I proud of. In fact I recoil with embarrassment, shame, and disappointment that I wasted so much time having ‘fun’.
But I do not regret any of it as I fully believe that it was all for a reason, and that my purpose was born that day three years ago that I had my last drink.

People are often worried about leaving the ‘old’ them behind when they walk away from an addiction. Fear of being ‘boring’ or of what life is going to look like. Why not look at it from the other side; it’s time to build the life of your dreams, time to become the person that you always dreamt you could be, achieving your goals and dreams.

Today could be the first day of the rest of your life.
Are you ready?
‘When one door closes, another opens’ sounds corny but boy it’s true!
I’m just back from my ten day retreat to write my book about HOW I found Freedom In Sobriety, and it is such an honour to share my journey and assist others who realise that there can be more than mere mediocrity.
Magic In My Life

I experience magic in my life everyday these days, and when I compare this to where I used to be and what my life used to look like, it’s actually like I’m a different person. And YOU should befriend magic also; you deserve to feel it’s presence woven into the very core of your life.
Now a book has been half written and a method, that anyone can follow to become free, birthed.
I am not going to say anymore for now because the words are all contained in the book (30,000 words written in 10 days!). Announcements coming very soon with a new website, new name, watch this space!

This week we have our residential addiction retreat running and a VIP guest who is the very first person to receive the new post-writing-retreat coaching from me. I have returned from Scotland with such clarity and know exactly HOW I am to show those that are ready, become free. The eight chapters in my book have become the subjects for this weeks sessions, each one progressive with the power building, with none of them being more important than the next, yet magically linked to enhance my guests evolution.

I am so excited for him.
On the path.
With freedom looming as the delicious prize up ahead; our residential retreat a five-day taste of the sweet honey of sobriety.
The ultimate gift you can give yourself; whether it’s booze, cigarettes, drugs, sugar, anger, sex, fast-food or self-harm.

Every morning is so perfect when I wake up knowing that I can treat myself kindly today; no more self-abuse, no more self-loathing, no more dread of what I was going to end up doing by the end of the day.

Every morning so perfect when I wake up knowing that I am going to love my body by feeding it nutritious foods, lots of water, and exercise.

Every morning so perfect when I wake up knowing that I am going to love my mind by feeding it uplifting and positive messages; belief that anything is possible and that I am capable of achieving my dreams.

Do you want that?
Is it time to let go of who you have pretended to the world (and yourself) to be so that the REAL you can step forwards and claim the life you deserve?
Are you going to ask that imposter to leave?
Like NOW! 

Let me know if you would like more information, and if you too would like to be free from struggling and suffering.
The grass is greener guys, come and join me!
The Grass IS Greener!
Click on the picture of Holy Island to follow my vlogs about my ten day Scottish retreat on an island with no roads/cars, it was an epic and magical journey….
See you very soon,
I cannot wait to share more with you!!
And I’m off to celebrate my 3rd sober anniversary with my favourite drink: sparkling water with a dash of organic fresh lemon!! xxx

Copyright: Jo De Rosa October 2015

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