December Meditation Challenge

….so how can we ‘be the change‘?
What does that even mean?

Well, by concentrating on ourselves and how we are feeling and perceiving the world, rather than worrying what everyone else is up to and if our government is about to invade another country, we begin to make changes.
The December Meditation Challenge
These changes start to ripple outwards, affecting not only us but our immediate circle of friends and family. Look at any picture of somebody meditating….they do not look angry do they?! In fact it is impossible to be angry when you have a deep meditative outlook on life; your brain changes as activity moves from the stress areas to the parts of the brain where we experience peace, contentment, and love.

Is that what you want?
More love, contentment and peace?
Because that is what HAS to happen when you meditate.

I cannot tell you how much my life has changed in the last 10 years that i have been meditating.
And what i have seen is that the more you meditate the more effect you see in your outer world: this is how you can BE THE CHANGE.

If i forget, don’t have time, am on holiday and a bit out of sorts, ill, or find any other reason to not practice i notice the difference; and it’s not pretty!
I get stressed again
I get overwhelmed again
I don’t sleep as well
I have a feeling of impending doom

There is more and more research into all of this, which is part of the exploration i’ve been doing for the launch of my new addictions program, and what i’m writing about in my book.
It’s FACT!
It’s scientific!
Your brain changes!

You can’t argue with that! So lets get started!
To start at the very beginning we must find a spot in our home to meditate each day. I have recorded you a video to help you work out where is the right place for you. Watch the video today, find the most suitable area, and then we are going to get going tomorrow!

Starting Tomorrow!
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Let us know if you are committing to a month of meditation and we all look forward to supporting your journey….

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