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With the very first QS Social set to take place in Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk) this Saturday, I thought I’d put the links in below to each meet-up. We are all so excited for this next stage of QS and how we are now able to reach more people via the QS Guides.

These are people who have gained such insight through this programme that they now literally want to ‘shout from the rooftops’ about how they found freedom.

And the importance of community cannot be underestimated; one of the foundations of sobriety, or even success in any arena is to surround yourself with those that are already doing what you wish to achieve yourself. An athlete employs the best coach; someone who has perhaps been there themselves or at the very least has trained others to success. A school or university is chosen for its past results, so why wouldn’t you apply the same format for your own personal happiness?

Surround yourself with happy, content, high vibrational people
You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you learn what has worked for others; feed off of their success, and pick up tips from their experience.

“If you are struggling and you know it’s really time to make that change then why not start building your sober confidence by coming for a night out without the booze? Just a get together and a chat to relax, have some food and talk to some likeminded people? I know what it’s like to feel very alone when making changes and you don’t have to be.”
QS Guide Victoria, Sheffield



with Hazel Martin – More Information Here


Bury St Edmunds

with Sophie Foulger – More Information Here



with Theresa Taylor – More Information Here



with Victoria Nauen & Jayne Spenceley – More Information Here



with Richard Bastick – More Information Here


We’ve already had a great response from yesterdays BBC Scotland show, and you can catch up by listening in to it here on BBC iPlayer.

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