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Suggested donation information:
£5 – a mindful walk
£5 – lunch or dinner meeting (you pay for your meal)
£10 – meditation session


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The QS Meet-ups aim to give Quantum Sobriety support in local communities. Each month we’ll either go for a mindful walk, have lunch/dinner, or meditate together. The idea is that you forge a new social group in a safe environment, led by someone who is already taking the Quantum Sobriety concept of FREEDOM in sobriety in their own lives.

The QS Guides each have at least nine months of sobriety from the addiction that they joined QS for. Some have done the full five-day residential retreat, and all of them are active members of the online programme. In QS we believe that the opposite of addiction is connection, which is why those of us in the community who have found freedom have the desire to share our experience with others, and connect on different levels; online as well as face-to-face.

Each meeting has a recommended donation amount to cover the cost of group admin, the guides time, expertise, and room rental some months. Victoria and Jayne will alternate taking the meetings.

About Victoria’s Journey

“The Quantum Sobriety support group with Jo De Rosa who I Call ‘The High Priestess of Sobriety’ is AMAZING. This is a non judgemental approach to recovering from the habits that no longer serve you. The emphasis is on meditation and going within. There is no helpless victim thinking. I saw how my fondness for alcohol was actually a blessing. It was signposting that which I needed to attend to. So in this way addiction is a good thing. Cravings are a good thing on a soul level.

Sobriety has now become an intrinsic part of who I am. I have changed my mind about drinking. For me, it had its place. It was useful. Sometimes I love it. But I have loved stepping away from it.. For in quitting a habit, in letting go of a crutch you come closer to your own core. There is a rawness to it. Authentic as a child.
Meditation and Quantum Sobriety has halted me to see all this and my life has changed forever. I will not go back to drinking. I could never go back to drinking knowing what I know now. When the odd thought of drinking comes up it is so easy to turn it around. I never ever thought that would happen. I am so grateful.”

About Jayne’s Journey

“I would without a doubt recommend this program to anyone who is struggling with addiction and wants to really get free of it, not just stop the behaviour for it isi very possible through this program.

Over a year in, I am the person I was meant to be. There peace of not having that voice anymore is life changing itself. You just don’t realise how much it drags you down, till you don’t have it. That is a massive freedom in itself and to grow from there takes you further than you ever thought possible, with s what this program supports.”


Suggested donation information:

£5 – a mindful walk
£5 – lunch or dinner meeting (you pay for your meal)
£10 – meditation session


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