Your Prescription


So what if I told you that I could give you a prescription for medicine that would change your life for the better?
I can give you this medicine which works like magic.

I can’t take it for you.

You have to actually consume the medicine for it to work; not leave it on the shelf looking at it. You wouldn’t do that with conventional medicine after all would you.

So I am giving you the QS medicine: MEDITATION
The prescription says take the medicine everyday by sitting on a cushion for 30 minutes, closing your eyes, and listening to the guided visualisation.

No excuses why you can’t
No excuses why you haven’t got time
No excuses why you haven’t got space
No excuses why your mind is too active (everyones is in the beginning)
No excuses please!

The medicine works.
You just have to take it.

For when we turn inward and unite with our true self during meditation we connect to our wisdom; all the answers to all of our questions are in here but are usually buried underneath the layers upon layers of social conditioning, hangovers, doubt, fear, remorse and guilt.

The medicine dissolves these layers, just like a pill from the doctor would take away the pain, one by one we uncover who we really are. The answers spring up effortlessly, just this morning in a class someone said afterwards,

“I need to journal what’s just come up, I can’t believe the thoughts that i’ve just had in the last 30 minutes!”

The longer you take the medicine the better you get (obviously).
Every single dose changes you (obviously).



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