Why’s It Such A Taboo Subject? šŸ˜±

Daily Motivation 159

When I was still drinking I was totally ashamed of it
I hid it
I lied about it
I was in denial of how bad it was
And I didn’t feel like it was a problem I could share with anyone

So what is going on in our society that we feel like this?
Why is this subject so taboo?

In the QS community there are many using a pseudonym
Who don’t feel safe being seen in their current situation
And the reason?
Being judged
Judged about being weak

Scared of what people will say about their perceivedĀ ‘problem’

But the truth is that someone who is seeking help to transcend addiction is not weak, oh no, they standĀ the strongest amongst us. And I believe it isĀ ‘moderate’ drinkers who are the weakest link; thoseĀ that choose to go throughout life in mediocrity; those who will never reach freedom because they don’t feel it in their hearts.

But for those that do
Who’s fire is lit by the wordĀ FREEDOM
That is strength you just tapped into
That fire will take you far
To a life that many DON’T even dream of
Can you see how rare and special you really are?

And that is what I see in you
Your courage to swim against societies norm
To listen to that fire in your heart and let it lead you to liberation

One of Quantum Sobriety’s jobs is to break down this wall of shame
For society has bred this behaviour in us
To celebrate
To commiserate
To give us courage
To relax us

We walk into any card shop and are bombarded with images of alcohol and cake to make our lives better, when in fact they are destroying us. We have to break through this conditioning and listen to our heartsĀ by going against everything that we’ve ever been taught: AND ONLY STRONG PEOPLE CAN DO THAT.

So can you see that we have got this the wrong way round?
That this is only a taboo subject because of perceived weakness, that isn’t there at all?
Can you see that we should be CELEBRATING your strength in deciding that you want to live in freedom?
I do
I will
I am

You are not weak if you are reading this
You are one of the strongest amongst us
You just don’t know it yet
And rather than wearĀ you down, break you, and tell you you have failed I would like to see a society who celebrates your spirit and drive to be the best you possibly can be.
I do
I will
I am

QS is doing this already
We are a revolutionary community that get you, understand where you’re at and can support you in a non-judgemental way.

Stop believing that you are weak
Stop listening to a society that alienates you
And begin to believe in your dreams, in freedom, in living your truth….

Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

The last time I met these girlfriends was 2 weeks after joining QS and I really struggled with a boozey afternoon and Theatre trip.Ā Ā I made it through on the grounds of illness – with support from our community. At the time one of them commented “JĀ you’re not going to do anything stupid like give up drinking are you?”.Ā 

On Sat I told them it had been 5 months since I last drank which they found odd – in fact they made no comment – they certainly weren’t happy for me. Neither of them drank as one had begun Dry Feb off booze & sugar to loose weight and recover from too much excess in Dec & Jan. The other friend had just completed Dry Jan and said it made her feel so ill she wouldn’t be doing that again!!! One of my friends turns 50 later this year and is planning a girls wkndĀ – she did comment “promise me you’ll drink at my Birthday J!” I felt like saying why are you finding my company boring – would you rather I was falling off my bar stool, tumbling down steps to the loo and face planting into the pavement on the street. I smiled sweetly – saying nothingĀ – I am fed up always being the last to bed – with the sorest hangover in the morning – they seem to find an off switch eventually – my drinking just accelerates after the first bottle of wine is inside me.

J,Ā Online Programme


Online Programme:

As soon as you join you will receive the first email fromĀ Jo containing a video with the forthcoming months theme, meditation and worksheets. You will be added to the private forum where the Quantum Sobriety team and community at large will be there to support you in your journey. We’ve made the cost of the course a no-brainer at Ā£22 per month with weekly livestream trainings, monthly webinars, and the most supportive non-judgemental community who know how you are feeling and are waiting to support YOU in your journey to freedom.

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