Online Programme

Online Programme

From: £22.00 / month

“You are like the pied piper of sobriety! You have led so many of us along the path to freedom and I, for one, will be eternally grateful. And for those not there yet, they know where the path goes. The path is treacherous in places with slippery slopes but it gets you there. Thank you for showing the way.”

“For me, finding Quantum Sobriety = freedom 🙏

“I’m free, despite of life’s challenges I am in total alignment to myself and to the Quantum, in magical infinite oneness 💜🙏  I don’t need anything outside of myself, I am worthy and enough”

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Online Programme

This ‘school of life’ programme begins with the first year of intensive teaching; two meditations sent to you per month, one of 30 minute duration and the other just five or ten. Over the course of the first year you are given all of the tools you need to deal with the different situations you will find yourself in (seasons, birthdays, holidays, anniversaries etc) and to fully create a new habit and new life for yourself. In the second year we go deeper into the teachings, and the maintenance stage of sobriety and then in the third year as you are now witnessing the transformation in your own life you start to look at how you can pay this forward into your immediate environment. This will look different for everyone, for some it will be holding your own QS group or becoming a QS Guide (mentor), while for others it will be more subtle like noticing how because you have changed, others are getting the green light to also take the first step to freedom.

As soon as you join you will receive the first email from Jo containing a video with the forthcoming months theme, meditation and worksheets. You will be added to the forum where the Quantum Sobriety team and community at large will be there to support you in your journey.

There are weekly livestream teachings and at the end of each month you will have the opportunity to join a live webinar, to ask Jo and the team questions directly and ‘meet’ other members. Perhaps there is something that you’d like to clarify about your practice, or check to make sure you are doing correctly.

We will be working through a different theme monthly and progressively removing the layers of beliefs and conditioning that have held you back until now; the decision to live differently. The choice to have the life that you’ve always dreamt of, because it is time.


£22 per month
Or one upfront payment of £257

If you think about how much wine costs as an example: you are going to spend at least £5 per week on a very cheap bottle! We really wanted to make the programme affordable with a recommendation of at least one year’s duration of the three year school (although you can cancel at any time if the course is not for you). When you make a commitment, be it financial, verbal or mental, you immediately shift the energy and open up your potential. This is where new opportunities arise from and you may instantly notice changes in your inner and outer worlds.


“The power and support we receive in this group is amazing”
“I’ve had a spiritual awakening, and found inspiration through Jo”

“The tools of meditation that I have learned in this program have changed my life”
“Without exaggeration, I feel that it was a miracle that brought me to this program”
“This is life or death. I chose life and I thank God for this group and you Jo for creating it”
“Feeling grateful for this course is an understatement. It gave me my life back that I thought I had lost forever. Thanks Jo for everything”
“Feeling so thankful for QS & meditating…my mind is really starting to quiten down now, friends yesterday commented on how happy I appeared & things with family are loads loads better”
“QS’s guided meditations have helped me create new pathways to a struggle free, alcohol free life while giving you a community of like minded ‘Quantum Explorers’!!

“I have been struggling with addiction for years and felt I would never be totally free! Before this course I had tried to stop drinking but only got to once a month and never further as the urge was too strong, I just couldn’t completely stop. After starting Quantum Sobriety and from the 1st meditation I felt so different. I felt I was opening up to something different as it felt so different in my mind and body. With an amazingly supportive secret Facebook group too I thought this is it. I have not had a drink or even wanted one since starting and I can now go out and into a pub without feeling i’m missing out! It is for me an amazing miracle. Having an addictive personality too this course helps you find the core of the problem so you do not keep repeating the same addictive nature to alcohol, drugs, food and so on. Finally I feel free to be myself. The feeling is amazing! Feeling grateful for this course is an understatement. It gave me my life back that I thought I had lost forever. Thanks Jo for everything.

“Quantum Sobriety is revolutionary!
I found QS nine months after I entered a chemical dependency program at a well-respected hospital in California, USA. That program was, of course, a twelve step program in conjunction with the hospital. The fundamental ideas promoted in AA never resonated with me. Having already known and been transformed by meditation at an earlier time in my life, Jo’s ideology made perfect sense. I am powerful. I can change. My brain can change. The possibilities in life are only limited by yourself.
QS’s guided meditations have helped me create new pathways to a struggle free, alcohol free life while giving you a community of like minded ‘Quantum Explorers’!!

“I was so afraid that nothing would ever help me give up alcohol. I could not quit for more than a few days at a time (usually after a particularly bad hangover). I thought I was going to die from the alcohol. My husband and my children were upset and worried about me. I was not a drinker for most of my adult life. I started drinking to excess when I was 55 years old. My family were shocked that i had such a problem with alcohol but at 59 i could not quit, and I could not handle drinking.

The tools of meditation that I have learned in this program have changed my life. The support from the others in the program online is amazing. Yes, we occasionally falter, some more than others, but it is true support. If someone slips up, they are there to puck you up and hold you accountable (without feeling judged). Jo De Rosa is an amazing teacher, leader, mentor and role-model. Thank you so much for this program. Without exaggeration, I feel that it was a miracle that brought me to this program.”

“I’m truly looking forward to this journey with all of you. I checked myself into rehab last March for alcohol addiction and have had my ups and downs since. Like some of you mentioned, I tried AA, but it’s not for me. I don’t believe that we have to label ourselves as addicts the rest of our lives. When I watched Jo’s webinar on Soberistas, I heard the words I’ve been wanting to hear. Let’s do this!!!”

“I have found this week with the meditation that I have found the missing link for support. I am now on day 8 with no alcohol. Guys if I can do this any of you can. I want to say a massive thank you to Jo and her team and also to the massive support of members on here.”

“I was thinking earlier today about how grateful I am for Jo and this group. I don’t want to have to post about a slip up. That is very powerful. I do feel such a sense of support. It is really nice.”

” […] I did it. I got through the meal without drinking. In the past I would not have worked through this. I would have ordered the wine. Thanks Jo and other members. It is good being accountable.”



This approach will only work if you are ready to take responsibility for your life. It’s time to stop giving your power away to what you are addicted to, but don’t give it to us. We cannot do this for you, no one else can, this is your show; your life; and it’s time to empower yourself and believe that you deserve good health and happiness.

Some confuse responsibility with blame, and no one is to blame here. Once you draw a line in the sand we will show you how to create the life of your dreams, but there will be a period of understanding what led you to this point, healing the wounds and forgiving the circumstances first.

You can move on from this, your addiction does not need to define you any more, and it’s time to view your addiction as a challenge rather than a hopeless cause. Quantum Sobriety is a journey deep within yourself and once you can accept and love yourself there will be no reason to cover that up with a substance that numbs you from who you really are.

We are not a medical facility and if you are physically dependent to a substance we advise that you receive medical treatment for this before undertaking any of our programmes. Your physical dependency must be addressed first. Once your body is ready, then it is time to retrain your mind and create a new healthful reality.

We look forward to assisting you in your journey back to yourself…