Which Reality Are YOU Going To Choose?


Once we realise that where we want to go, once we’re there, is effortless and the struggle is ONLY when we are in between realities, then it becomes easier to step into the unknown.

Today we’ll take alcohol as an example. There are six different realities that we can choose from:
1) Drinking too much and not aware of it
2) Drinking too much and becoming aware of it
3) Actively looking for a solution
4) Finding a programme that resonates with you
5) Stop drinking but struggle and still want to drink
6) Stop drinking and ENJOY sobriety

So the reality of the above list is that we all know people who fit into one of the six options, we all know people who drink too much and either are aware of the fact or are not; we all know people who would like to stop drinking; we all know plenty of people who are STRUGGLING in their sobriety; and you know at least me who has moved from too much drinking to FREEDOM and HAPPINESS in sobriety.

Each of these six stages is possible.
There are millions of people all over the world living in one of these six realities right now.
Acknowledge that fact right now.
Stop reading this blog NOW
Close your eyes right now and repeat the following sentence seven times,
“freedom in sobriety is possible for me”
….if you choose it, it can be yours right NOW
Believe it
Believe in yourself

Each of these six stages is possible for YOU
And everyone right in this minute fits into one of them 100%


It is impossible to be at 1) and 3) at the same time
It is impossible to be at 1) and 4) at the same time
It is impossible to be at 3) and 6) at the same time
It is impossible to be at 5) and 6) at the same time

All this means that YOU have to CHOOSE which reality you COMMIT to being in and be there fully. I’ll give you some examples:

– Meditating
– Exercising
– Eating well

* When you are meditating give it 100% of your effort and learn to not be distracted: create a comfortable area; turn your phone off; tell the family not to disturb you, and practice will connect you to who you really are and the huge power reserves within.

* When you are exercising give it 100% of your effort. An athlete is not thinking about how they wish they’d stayed in bed that morning as they train; they are FULLY committed to what they’re doing.

* When you are making a smoothie give it 100% of your effort; don’t think ‘maybe i’m going to change my mind and stop making this healthy smoothie and go eat McDonalds’


And the tiniest mindset shift, hopefully just by reading these words, can take you into a different reality
In the blink of an eye
As quickly as that

The six options are parallel universes, all running alongside each other like lanes on the motorway. You decide which lane you’re going to be in. And you move there just like that. That’s how easy it can be. If you decide that you deserve easy! And that’s where we are going in tomorrows blog…..

Have a great sober day!


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