Which Lane Are You In?


This works with all addictions: alcohol, stress, drugs, anger, sugar, or over-eating….
In ANY situation there are many potentials, all potentials in fact. Take sugar addiction as an example; there are the following possibilities:

1) eating tons of sugar and not having a problem with it
2) knowing that you eat too much sugar and looking for alternatives
3) actively cutting down on sugar
4) only having sugar on ‘special’ occasions
5) not eating any sugar but craving it like mad
6) not eating any sugar and enjoying the fact that you are so much healthier

Each of those 6 potentials is available to you RIGHT NOW
Which one are you choosing?
These 6 alternate realities are running side by side right now like lanes on the motorway; which lane are you currently in?

Each one represents a different mindset
Each mindset when you’re in it 100% IS NOT DIFFICULT
It’s only difficult when we have one foot in our old life/reality and one foot in the new.
We are neither one place or the other!
We know that we don’t want to carry on where we were, but are not yet fully embracing where we are going.

You couldn’t go from 1) to 6) in an instant, just like you couldn’t go from the inside lane to the outside lane without passing all the lane in between; there is a path that needs taking to lead you there. Taking some of the steps will be easy and others more challenging, but once you have progressed to the next level fully it becomes effortless to STAY there, and that is a mindset shift.

Think about being on a busy 6 lane motorway. You start in lane 1) and pulling out into lane 2) is easy because there is nothing to stop you pulling out. Getting into 3) is more of a challenge as there is a car right in your way. Moving over to 4) and 5) is fine but getting into lane 6) is a real challenge because the cars are moving so fast. Using this example shows us that changing our mindset is just like being on a motorway; all lanes are available to us, did you get that?!
ALL LANES ARE AVAILABLE TO US, and we choose where we want to be, with each one being EASY to be in once you are there 😉

Here is a comment from inside the QS online course forum from yesterday,

“It’s not like trying to tame an unwieldy beast anymore, just learning how to live the way I want to. Such a mindset shift, and it’s been so struggle free, I’m almost feeling it’s too easy and waiting to fail like I always do… But this feels so good it’s completely different!”

Tomorrow’s blog: HOW to jump to a parallel universe…..


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