What seeds have YOU planted? 🌱


What are your dreams for the coming year?
What seeds have YOU planted?
And remember once in the ground you don’t have to do anything to a seed to make it grow; you sit back giving it water (energy) and watching the magic unfold all by itself.
Can 2018 be the year that you let go of struggle, force and the need to control?


Now that the seeds of intention have been sown we can sit back and watch them grow”
Excerpt from the Quantum Sobriety book, out very soon.
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Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Guides over on the very lively private forum:

Driving home shortly after the live meditation (on NYE), the roads were empty and the moon was full and beautiful. I suddenly felt an amazing sense of connection to the quantum, it’s energy and the group. As I drove, I passed a bunch of partygoers in fancy dress and it felt like they were in a different reality. It was as though I was observing them from another time, completely out of phase.

It felt very profound to feel both so connected and disconnected / everywhere and nowhere in the same moment 😊

As you read this, I hope in the moment you are free of your addiction. I hope that for you 2018 comprises only these moments. Wishing you love and a happy and struggle free day. #Alive xxx

Sophie, QS Guide

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