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Available April 2018
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“Choose the reality where you’ve never been addicted”


Underpinned by meditation, Buddhism and quantum physics yet written in a ‘girl-next-door’ non-academic language, the Quantum Sobriety®️  approach will guide you step by step towards freedom.

We all fall somewhere on the addiction spectrum and whether that manifests as alcoholism, binge-eating or an angry tongue, it is created by unhealthy and destructive excess. This book addresses how we can overcome disharmony, primarily through meditation, to find balance and peace with ourselves.

“Quantum Sobriety is a brilliantly accessible and encouraging read, perfect for anyone wanting to escape the confines of addiction but who doesn’t know where to start”

Lucy Rocca
Founder of Soberistas


Available April 2018
The book has been completed and is now in the editing stages. Whilst you are waiting you can read Jo’s first book, ‘If You Could Have Anything…What Would It Be?’ which forms the back story to this upcoming ‘Quantum Sobriety’ book. You can purchase it here.



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