The Sting and Sober Sex


Our minds are so powerful but we give them so little credit. We live from a teeny tiny percentage of the full capacity of possibilities.

And we PROJECT all the time!
We expect a certain outcome because that has always been our experience, I mean we don’t know what something that we’ve never experienced before feels, smells, or looks like, and it takes courage to view life a different way.

And when we are brave enough to walk through to a different understanding, those first few tentative steps in any new world are always going to be scary; we’ve never been here before.

After living in Asia for 6 years, on my return to London I nearly got knocked over by a cyclist; 6 years before there were only the occasional biker but now they were everywhere, even having their own lanes on the pavement! And what are these cards that everyone is swiping over the ticket machines in the tube stations? 6 years before the ‘Oyster’ card did not exist.
I felt like an alien that had landed on another planet.
EVERYTHING seemed different.

Then a few years later when I took my last drink I had that same feeling once more; seeing my whole life with new eyes:

My first sober holiday EVER at aged 40
My first sober Christmas EVER
My first sober New Year EVER
My first sober birthday EVER
My first sober weekend EVER
Sober sex
Sober meals
Sober socialising
Sober interaction with my family

All of it different.
All of it a revelation.
For I was someone new.
A baby in this world.
I had so much to learn….
….because I’d never been here before.

In the beginning I expected it to be hard, because that was what everyone had told me,

“It’s an illness, you will always be like this”
“You will never be free of it”
“You will always desire alcohol, sugar, drugs”

This is what society tells us.
We are told we can never be free.
Over and over again informed that we will always have this ‘disease’.

And I can say this because I’ve proved it.
I am the living proof, and it is my life’s work to turn this thinking around and EMPOWER OTHERS to do the same.

We ARE the placebo.
We create chemicals that get released into our bodies DEPENDING ON THE MESSAGE THAT OUR BRAIN GIVES OUT.
Our bodies and minds are not separated.
Everything is connected 🙂
We feel what we expect.
We can ONLY experience what we believe.
And that is projection.

I will give you an example:
8 years ago I’d never been stung by a bee or wasp.
It was summer and the window was open and i leant over and picked up a pile of books and folders. As I did i felt a sharp pinprick but thought nothing of it. I made a phone call lasting 5 or 10 minutes and as I hung up noticed a wasp in the room, and it was ONLY THEN that my brain associated the pinprick with the wasp and I looked down at where I’d felt the pain. In that moment that I then saw the sting site, that was when I felt a searing pain.

The brain is so powerful.
…if we choose to be.

Once we know how this works we can CONSCIOUSLY create the outcome that we want. In meditation we can take ourselves where we want to go in the future, thus creating a path to get there.

It’s an amazing journey that can quite literally take you anywhere you want to go. The only rule is that you have to believe that you deserve it, which of course we all do.

Unzipping the outer layer of conditioning can be tough though and many get pulled under by the current of what society tells us we should be feeling and experiencing and will never fully live their truth and potential. But I’m guessing that by reading this you are ready and willing to create the life of freedom.

And it’s an exciting and empowering reality, one where ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. We get to choose and design the life of our dreams….

Get in contact for more information and I can’t wait to assist you in your journey to freedom!


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