The Rest Of My Years Will Be The Best Of My Years 👵👴

Daily Motivation 155


My blogs are inspired by my own life and those of my clients.
Sometimes it takes just one comment and I have the spark of an idea of how to express something that may give someone a shift in consciousness. You may notice that I am really saying the same thing each day, but in a slightly different way; with a varying example or metaphor.

Today’s blog is just that, as was yesterdays,
A snippet of a conversation from last weeks QS residential retreat
And a seed planted which has now grown into a blog….

“The rest of my years will be the best of my years” 
Was uttered by a inspirational lady who turns 70 this year
She joined us perhaps believing that she was ‘too old’ to change, and this is a comment I hear a lot with my answer ALWAYS bei
Absolutely not!!!!
It is NEVER too late!!!!
Don’t EVER give up hope!!!!!

Why would you give up and think that life is over?
Why would you believe that you do not deserve to live fully for the whole of your life?
I am here to support you, no matter what age, in getting in touch with your purpose and your fullest potential. It’s like cooking dinner and holding back a bit,

“I don’t want to make it too delicious”

Said no one ever!

You wouldn’t ever think, say or do that would you?
Each meal you prepare you make as tasty as you can, so that you enjoy each mouthful as much as possible, why wouldn’t you?

So as of TODAY why not make this YOUR slogan,
“The rest of my years will be the best of my years”

I know that for me life started at 40 when I took my very last drink and line of coke
And then again in 2014 when I ate sugar for the last time
Don’t you see?
It is called wisdom; something you simply do not have when younger.

One observation I made in the six years I lived in Asia was how the older generations were revered; younger people support, respect and take care of their elderly relatives in a way that I’d not seen in the west.

Wisdom is a huge advantage
It comes hand in hand with hindsight
And together they give you an amazing gift; the gift of realising who you really are;
Why you’re here
What your purpose is
What makes you happy
What you are supposed to be doing with your life.

Clarity, vision and focus is the prize
And the older you get, the more of it you gain
I totally LOVE getting older; I’m super excited about my next ‘big’ birthday (not for a while yet though!) so please never think that you are ‘too old’ to get sober, because that is simply an excuse to not get started on the journey to wisdom….


Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

I wanted to share something with the group that I recently shared with **** about my sugar addiction 

“Sugar was my friend when I needed it. It never judged it was like it would be giving me a hug when I felt down, lonely, bored, stressed etc. The only problem was that I didn’t have an off switch and wanted to spend time with my friend as much as possible.”

Sugar and eating addictions are very hard to change. As Jo De Rosa mentioned before. We all need to eat, food is fuel for our bodies. Sugar is no longer a problem for me because of this programe and I am truly grateful for it. Gone are the days of me sitting and having a cup of tea and biscuits and noticing that I had eaten the entire packet. I could eat 5 x sugar ring donuts if there were on the side in my kitchen and drink some fizzy pop with it. OMG Pick a mix was a serious addiciton for me when going to the cinema. I was addicted to the fizzy sweets, I ate that many once that I damaged the roof of my tongue and it hurt but it didnt stop me eating them. 

I just wanted to share this as some people dont understand the addiction to sugar and how people can be an overeater. It is very possible and I was both. I have now not eaten, sweets, biscuits, cake or normal chocolate for over 10 months and I feel absolutely amazing!!

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