The Addictive Urge


When someone is having a crisis over on the Quantum Sobriety online course forum there is always a ton of support. We’re all in this together and understand implicitly what the other is going through; we’ve all experienced the pull and charge of the addictive urge, and know how powerful it can be at times.
That’s why having an open forum works.

What I have noticed is that when an individual has one of these meltdowns it becomes a pivotal moment; they can do one of two things:

1) drink/drug/eat what they’re urging to do, continue on the never-ending loop of craving and reward, and experience what they always have.
2) step off the merry-go-round, do something different by NOT drinking/drugging/binge-eating, and experience something new.

Of course when we’re stuck in the cycle of addiction number 1) plays out over and over again to the point that we feel like we are going mad; why do this to ourselves?
But number 2) requires strength, determination and a period of discomfort; of which some people are never willing to embrace.

I believe that addicts are strong, think about it, to put a bottle or two of wine into your system every night is no mean feat! Constitutionally your physical and mental self copes day after day of this continual punishment (that we crazily see as reward: how f**ked up is that).

So QS is about harnessing that strength that you are currently using to get high and channel it into finding freedom. In that moment that you are engulfed with an addictive urge, rather than go where you’ve always gone before; STEP UP to a higher reality.

In this moment you have the opportunity to go somewhere new, somewhere exciting, somewhere that is more beautiful than anything you could ever imagine.
Don’t be scared, walk through and claim what is rightfully yours:

Don’t squander it, dull it, stamp on it, or ignore it.
This is the moment that you’ve been waiting for:

Everyone sees this place as a negative, but I am asking you to turn it 180 degrees into a positive. Just like most people see addicts as weak and I see (the ones that want to be free) them as strong.
It’s all in the mindset.
Freedom is the blink of an eye away
….if YOU believe it.

I’ve done it
Others in my programme have done it
And there is NO reason why YOU can’t do it too.
Have a very wonderful day, and get in contact if this resonates….


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