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The following is a conversation on the QS online course forum yesterday, and typical of the support and sharing that is available to everyone over there:

“Felt a little odd yesterday afternoon due to being so alive, the thought of a bottle of wine was appealing, more a subconscious thing rather than a conscious thought. Anyway was aware of it and was vigilant . Awareness before it becomes a desire seems to be key”

“It’s amazing how we uncover our true nature when we stop putting poisonous foods and liquids into our system. These toxic substances numb us and pull us away from who we really are and stop the aliveness.
Who wants to feel dead?
Who’d rather feel alive??!!
But it can be odd when we feel it for the first time. I know that even 3 1/2 years sober i am still getting to know who i really am after a literal lifetime of abuse:

“To feel good used to completely be associated with the high of our drugs of choice. I notice that not only did I poison myself in my sorrow but I “rewarded” myself any opportunity I could (which strangely destroyed that victory.). Sounds like you are feeling so damn good that you wanted to reward yourself. Culturally, this is the protocol”

“It’s a really difficult pattern to break because we are told everywhere that we should reward ourselves, but we are not dogs! We do not need a sticky unhealthy ‘treat’ for our good behaviour. The NEW PROTOCOL is stepping out into this new feeling and revelling in it; try it on for size and continually INCREASING it and becoming more and more who you really are”

The conversation got me thinking about how society teaches us to move away from who we are. School doesn’t teach us to stand out and be different; rather we must fall into line and be like everyone else. We watch our parents, friends, and peers numbing out with alcohol and food and learn that behaviour. It becomes our norm.

So of course the easiest thing to do is copy this conduct and also make it our own. Everyone is drinking, everyone is eating crap, it’s comfortable to go along with the crowd and fit in.

The most difficult part about stopping drinking or eating what the masses do (burgers, fries, pizza, beer, takeaways, wine-o’clock etc…) is that you stick out like a sore thumb. You become the odd one out,

“Just have one”
“Go on treat yourself”
“You’re not driving tonight”
“Come on we’re celebrating”
“Come on we’re commiserating”
“Come on you’re on holiday”

And the excuses to ‘treat’ yourself go on and on, and the cycle of taking yourself AWAY from who you really are continues.
So at some point you have to ask yourself,

‘Am I willing to stand out from the crowd?’

If the answer is no then nothing will change.
If you can answer YES then the fun is about to begin!
There is an ever growing community of like-minded individuals who are also stepping up and deciding that it’s time to make our own rules; to break free from the mould that society made, and find out who we really are underneath the layer the conditioning, of crappy food, and intoxication.

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