Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Ultimate Observer đź‘€

Daily Motivation Day 157

So I had my ‘input’ morning yesterday where I turn off my alarm and wake up naturally and in the hour of semi-awakeness I had a semi-awakening; it was as if I were witnessing my life from an external place, the review I talked about yesterday in detail; looking back AND looking forwards.

It was the intelligent part of me
Without judgement or expectation
No emotions
For I wasn’t yet awake!

So it was dreamlike yet sharp; just like meditation
In that moment all of the density of the last week, last year, last nine year cycle was gone
And I felt freer than ever before.

I could absolutely see the benefit of ‘sleeping in’
For it allowed me to process without judgement or emotion
To be held suspended in a different time and space; Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Ultimate Observer 👀

The ultimate observer of course being our truth;
The language of our heart without the head (reason/logic) getting in the way
This is why meditating first thing is so powerful, because logic and reason hasn’t woken up yet! The energetic membrane between head and heart is relaxed and the two work in unison rather than as separate entities; this is what I mean by Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Ultimate Observer 👀

As soon as the shackles of the past are released, like cutting away the straightjacket of the addicted dance, we surge forwards into the coming week and future that WE decide to experience.

I know my intentions for the coming week and what I am consciously creating each second of every day. And now that i have experienced Seeing Through The Eyes Of The Ultimate Observer 👀 in meditation, I can replicate that in everyday life; the connection of head and heart strong now and the potential that gifts me is LIMITLESS and leaves me:

Feeling positive
Feeling excited
Feeling expanded
Feeling ready for the miracle of this Monday morning!


Member Quote Of The Day

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Good morning lovely peeps. I haven’t posted for a lil while but just wanted to give a ‘woohoo’ to over 1 month sobriety and I’m doing good. January has put many a challenge before me ….been on a roller coaster ride, the chronic emotions of early sobriety, had……but whereas a bottle of wine (or more) would’ve been reached for every single night, it has just been tea and elderflower. I can tell you that I’m well happy with that  Whilst it’s early days, I’m feeling so positive and supported. I am not a good writer and am unable use the beautiful words of spiritual wisdom that so many of you are blessed with but from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU to Jo and each and every one of you 
K, Online Programme


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