Make A Donation

Make A Donation


We took the decision at the end of 2020 to shift our online programme from a fixed monthly/annual price to donation based, to support those struggling with both addiction and finances. Your donation will anonymously support members who are not able to pay the full amount for our programme, and allow us to continue the work. For the first five years of the online programme the cost was £22 per month or £257 per year, and lasts a total of three years. We’ve given various donation options, depending on your own situation, to support a member for one month or up to two years (do get in touch if you would like to give another amount).

Also use this page if at any point you would like to make a ‘top-up’ donation.


Many people have turned (back) to substances in 2020, and with the loss of jobs and livelihoods this decision feels open, kind, and needed. The beauty about donations is that I have opened the door, no matter what, and it is up to the recipient to be honest with themselves as to how much they are able to give. I don’t want money to be in the way of anyone finding the freedom that is within all of us, yet there is also a commitment to be made, and responsibility to take.

I trust that my generosity to open the programme up to anyone that cannot afford its ‘usual’ price will be reciprocated by those that are able to pay more; and the website now has options for how much you can pay per month. The cost has been £22 for many years, and the options have changed to pay either £5 £11 £22 or £33 monthly. We’ve also added one-off payments for anyone that would like to add a payment at any point that they are able to, to ‘top-up’ their monthly subscription, and also for anyone to anonymously sponsor a stranger through the programme. There are many reasons someone may wish to do this; being an ex-addict themselves and wanting to give someone else a chance by paying it forwards; having someone with addiction in their family and knowing how destructive it can be; or maybe simply wanting to support someone through their journey to freedom. As I write these words and feel into this change in the financial offering of the programme I can feel my heart expand with love, kindness, gratitude and expansion; for everyone involved.

The actual programme remains the same with fortnightly (in the first year and monthly in years two and three) meditations emailed directly, an invitation to the online community where there is a monthly theme, and accountability, which I post about daily, and a weekly Q&A livestream session where you have direct access to ask me anything, along with meditating together.

As Quantum Sobriety moves towards its five year anniversary on 1st February, I wish to add into the already magical community the energy of generosity, and sense of personal responsibility.
It’s not about money
It never was
It’s about sharing what works
How to free yourself from being a slave to substances and behaviours that destroy and take you away from your personal, and collective, alignment
We have had so much success
So many finding freedom
And it’s not about remaining in the programme forever as some communities/programmes will have you hooked into; for when you truly find yourself -freedom- you need no one other than your connection to source (see intro)

And I TRUST so much
That I am ready
To take trust outwards

So, if you are ready to go ‘in’, to know yourself and what has been driving the desire to self-soothe with a substance or behaviour, and if you are willing to meditate daily (the most direct route to alignment) then now has never been a better time to join this community and put your addiction (to anything) to bed once and for all. Perhaps these words resonate not for you, but for a family member or friend; why not share this website, and these words, with them?

Quantum Sobriety is a mature community, able to hold those on a spiritual seeking through story telling and support. But remember this is your journey, nobody can do it for you, and now really is the time to take back control and the reins of self-responsibility.

We are in powerful times and there is no time to lose
Humanity needs you raw, vulnerable, and real
It’s time to drop what you have been self-soothing with
And sit in the fire of transformation
Addiction is a direct teaching towards freedom
A lesson learnt
That can then be taken into all corners of life
It’s been like alchemy in my own
And my only wish is for all beings to be free 🙏