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Daily Motivation 199

Today I wanted to honour the members of QS and the unbelievable community that has formed. In my absence the group obviously held each other on the quantum and I would like to thank every single one of you who had even just one positive thought about another member. For it is all felt on some level; every single thought has energy and humans need each other to thrive.

And that is exactly what QS is about; THRIVING
Not just surviving but THRIVING

Those in the private group are witnessing this everyday
And it is my job to hold the space for this to happen
That is why I go into retreat twice a year myself; to get into the highest vibration I can so that the energy is there for a larger group.

Here is one very special lady who had something extremely important to share whilst I was away, over  to you Sophie….

Today is a special day for me. Today I paid off the cost of doing Jo’s residential retreat – by not drinking. A bit of a strange milestone to celebrate maybe but not for me. Last June when I signed up for the August retreat I was desperate. I really struggled with how much the retreat cost though. I’d never done anything like it and really couldn’t think that five days would make a difference. Deep down I was convinced I was chucking money down the drain. I rationalised that drinking heavily I was doing the same thing though. So I signed up for the QS programme, set up a spreadsheet and each day I didn’t drink I set off the amount I had saved against the cost of the retreat and today I broke even. 

It seems incredible to me now that I ever doubted the effect / value of the retreat, this programme and you guys. It was the best money I’ve ever spent because it changed my life around totally. I learnt a different way of living and addressed lots of things both inside and out (job, relationships, purpose etc). The result was finding something I had been looking for my entire life – happiness.

Oh and I forgot to mention, I gave up drinking!!! 

Thank you from the bottom of my ever-expanding heart to Jo, Carol, Anni, Nikki, Dom, Tommy and each and every one of you – my amazing QS family xx
Sophie, Residential Retreat & Online Programme

Residential Retreat

Monday 27th – Friday 31st March = 1 space
Monday 22nd – Friday 26th May = 3 spaces

If you are ready to take BIG action to find freedom in sobriety, then our five-day residential retreat could change your life, like it has Sophie’s. Watch the video below for more information….

These Monday to Friday retreats have been running at Inner Guidance Retreat Centre for over three years with participants having countless breakthroughs and stating that their lives have been changed for ever. You are transported quite literally to another reality where you decide HOW you want your life to be. Being in this environment you get to truly know this YOU that you have decided to become, before going home and integrating yourself back into your ‘normal’ world.

The week has been carefully structured to support and empower with emphasis on nutrition, coaching, therapies, yoga, supplementation as well as daily meditation sessions. You will learn tons of techniques that you can take home with you to implement into your daily life, and make permanent changes. There are just five places available on each retreat.

More information: www.quantumsobriety.com/retreats/
Email: info@quantumsobriety.com
Tel: +44 1787 249798



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