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Residential Retreat

These Monday to Friday retreats have been running at Inner Guidance Retreat Centre for over four years already with participants having countless breakthroughs and stating that their lives have been changed for ever. You are transported quite literally to another reality where you decide how you want your life to be. Being in this environment you get to truly know this YOU that you have decided to become, before going home and integrating yourself back into your ‘normal’ world.

The week has been carefully structured to support and empower with emphasis on nutrition, coaching, therapies, yoga, supplementation as well as daily meditation sessions. You will learn tons of techniques that you can take home with you to implement into your daily life, and make permanent changes. There are just five places available on each retreat.

Inner Guidance Retreat Centre is run by Jo and Dominic De Rosa and set within a 500 acre estate, is quiet, beautiful, and the perfect place to experience physical space, so that you can tune into your inner space.
The food is ‘clean’ and vegan, meaning it is gluten, sugar, dairy, and processed-free. Everything is made from scratch on the grounds by Dominic and his team with love and attention to detail; his vegetable patch is extensive and in summer months the retreat centre is virtually self-sufficient.

For anyone thinking of joining the online course or going to the retreat – DO IT! IT WORKS! Nearly 12 weeks on my life has totally changed for the better. I never thought I could do a month without alcohol, let alone 3! I am totally free from my addiction – such an amazing feeling 🙂
I feel reborn and that my life has started again. Every day is amazing without alcohol, despite all life’s trials and tribulations, I FEEL them and deal with them. There is so much support and connection from the group, I love the monthly meditations and Facebook group. Each month there is a different theme. QS is beyond amazing, it saved my life. If I can be free, anyone can 🙂 xx”

Leaving the residential retreat I feel love, contented, and that I am enough/worthy.”

“An experience that will facilitate renewal in all areas of my life. I am leaving here relaxed, sober, positive and with a new clarity.
I feel free!
I was a QS member for 12 months before joining the retreat. During the year I had a period of relapse and the retreat has come at exactly the right time for me. You will know when the time is right for you….”

Inner Guidance Retreat Centre
2019 Dates:

  • Monday 26th – Friday 30th August
  • Monday 23rd – Friday 27th September
  • Monday 28th October – Friday 1 November
  • Monday 18th – Friday 22nd November
  • Monday 30th December – Friday 3rd January (2020)


The retreat is open to just five participants each month to ensure exclusivity

En suite rooms are stylish and comfortable, and the investment for this five day retreat is:

To include accommodation, food, one-to-one daily therapies, all group classes, and 12 months membership to the online programme where you will receive on-going support and be part of an amazing community. See below for more information about our therapies.

You will experience a contemporary luxury boutique hotel setting, with a welcoming homely vibe. Enjoy blazing open fires, lie ins in your kingsize bed, and walks around the gardens and lake.

The house has had visits from the Gandhi family, Sir Winston Churchill, the King of Norway and other international figures within its interesting history, and holds a very positive and healing energy. For more information about Inner Guidance Retreat Centre, visit www.InnerGuidance.co.uk

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To sustain sobriety we highly recommend you come back for a two or three night Mini-Retreat to stay on track and ‘top yourself up’. Sometimes the pressures of being at home, back to work, and into your ‘reality’ can suck you back towards the lure of your addiction. So for this reason we offer continued support after the full programme has been completed.

Equally if the full five day residential retreat is too much of a stretch for you, the Inner Guidance Mini-Retreat provides a more affordable option, however, please note that this retreat is not run solely by Quantum Sobriety so there is a mixture of Inner Guidance and Quantum Sobriety customers.

2019 Dates

  • Monday 2nd – Wednesday/Thursday 4th/5th September
  • Monday 9th – Wednesday/Thursday 11th/12th September
  • Monday 14th – Wednesday/Thursday 16th/17th October
  • Monday 4th – Wednesday/Thursday 6th/7th November


From £347 inclusive of en suite accommodation, meals, all group classes and use of the swimming pool and hot tub.


One-to-one therapies are available at an extra charge:
Monday: Quantum Coaching with Jo De Rosa £97
Tuesday: Quantum Healing with Carol Barrett £67
Wednesday: Biodynamic Psychotherapy with Anni Meehan £67

You can book your session directly with the therapist/online once you have confirmed your place on the retreat, plus Carol and Anni also offer online sessions: click here for more information.

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Diamond Package

Diamond Package

For those who are drawn to all aspects of the Quantum Sobriety™ programme, you can get it all. This one-year Diamond Package is proving to be very popular and gives you personalised support throughout the whole of your first year of sobriety, for those that would like a little extra attention: excellent value and accountability for 12 months.

Access to:

  • The Online Programme for 12 months
  • The Five Day Residential Retreat
  • Three two-day mini-retreat ‘top ups’ with sessions from Jo, Anni and Carol included

Inclusive Annual Cost: £4,497

Payment plans for the Diamond Package available on request

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