Meditation Is The Key


I had the oddest sensation in meditation yesterday and something that i’ve not experienced before…..
I meditate first thing before the day pulls me into exciting and important ‘stuff’ and towards the end had the sudden sensation of being on the edge of a cliff. It was scary with my heart and stomach flipping over as i clung to the edge to stop myself from falling.

Then i went to my weekly yoga class (yoga teachers still go to class themselves!).

At the end during the meditation the exact same thing happened unexpectedly again! And again i clung to the edge and fought the sensation of falling. Again my stomach lurched and my heart flipped with the horrible and scary feeling.

Then…right at the end of the meditation session i suddenly realised that the universe was asking me to let go of the edge; of what is safe and comfortable, and step out into the unknown.

So i did
And rather than fall to my death as i thought i would,

It was frigging amazing.

The message is of course to TRUST.
That when you are connected to source (in meditation), you don’t have to fear the unknown (a sober life perhaps). You are held, supported, provided for, and loved. Your natural state is not one of intoxication but one of peace, this is what your soul NATURALLY is searching for.

We don’t always feel the way we think we are going to, we often think that it’s going to be really difficult (as society tells us) and so almost push away the reality of EASE. But just as my meditation yesterday showed that when you cling on scared and struggling you feel fear, and when you let go and trust yourself you will very naturally SOAR.

It’s time for me to meditate now and i am wishing for the cliff-edge again! But i don’t think i need that sensation again because i’ve already worked out the message that my subconscious mind was giving me. So i wonder what is in store for me today!


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