Jumping Between Realities


I’m sharing this quote from one of my teachers who posted it this morning, thank you Keith!
This puts the work we do in Quantum Sobriety in a beautiful paragraph, with the end point being that most of us DON’T REALISE that we are doing this already! How many times have you heard someone say,

“I got out of bed the wrong side today, and my day has been terrible ever since”

It is a common saying and something that we automatically know. We also believe that we can pull ourselves out and get onto a new course easily, just by “sorting our head out” or “giving ourselves a talking to”.

So what if we apply this thinking CONSCIOUSLY to different areas of our lives? Begin by replacing the term “sorting my head out” with “switching to an alternate reality”; one which is running parallel to where you are right now.

We already know that we can flick this switch, clear our heads, and create a better day. So now use this concept in relation to your addiction.
More details on how to do this tomorrow…..

Have a great sober day!


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