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Daily Motivation 172

We have entered a time of great potential; when the veil between the old and new paradigm is thin and we are able to access a much higher vibration. Personally I have been on this journey for over 20 years and have taken many steps up into new levels of understanding and living, of which my purpose is to share with the world. It’s like being a spiritual guinea pig!

And I don’t mind, for my life has turned into one great big experiment and I remember clearly the day I realised that my life was now one of service; it was the day I stopped drinking on 14th October 2012.

That day changed my life in ways that I had no idea about at the time, but transform it that decision surely did. I went from hedonistic to humble as I turned away from it being all about ME and my own needs, to asking the question ‘how can I serve the world’.

Less than six months later and the Hill Farm opportunity presented itself to us and the rest, as they say, is history (for more information click here). Fast forward another four years and I don’t even see myself as an addict any longer; it’s no longer about the substances, now it is much more subtle than that yet the work continues in new, deeper and exciting ways.

Quantum Sobriety®️ and Quantum Superpowers®️ are the results of this journey; both born from my experience, with the former specifically targeted for those struggling with substance abuse, and both focusing on developing all areas of our lives. Just as I have done:

  • Drug, alcohol & food addict  ➔  Free from addiction
  • Abusive relationship  ➔  Loving marriage
  • Living in a flat  ➔  Living in a £1.5m house
  • No business  ➔  Successful business
  • Bankrupt  ➔  Financially comfortable

Dominic has also been on a journey, losing 31/2 stone and going from sugar addict to clean chef, and the music industry to becoming my business partner and holding together all of the working parts of the retreat centre. What we both teach is ONLY how we ourselves live and it is only because we feel so amazing in our transformed lives that we want to share these secrets with you.

Living in service means just that;
Sharing the secrets to this unlevelled life that we lead;

  • HOW to manifest your dreams
  • HOW to eat clean at least 80% of the time
  • HOW to rewire your brain so that you change your fundamental beliefs about yourself and the world

On the livestream training that I gave on Sunday (there is one every Sunday as part of the online package) I was asked by the QS community what the difference between a Mini-Retreat and QS Residential Retreat was apart from the cost and length, and I thought I would break that down here and also introduce a weekend retreat that we are launching next month.

Do ask me any questions about what we do and what we offer
I love questions!
And I truly love to share this information; after all I have stepped into Next Level Living and the door is open for you to do so too….

The Following Retreats Are Available In The UK

Next Level Living

Weekend Retreat
Single Occupancy £407  Double Room (twin or double) £609 each

This weekend will lift you into what is possible right now with the first day working with Jo and learning how to drop out of the stories your head traps you in, and down to your heart where there is great wisdom. She will guide you through how to change your mindset to becoming more focused on where you want to be; through meditation. The day culminates with a restorative yoga session which accesses deeply into your subconcisous mind and links mind with body, before dinner.

On the Sunday Dom will ground this upgraded you with a day of recipes and amazing food to delight your tastebuds. Learn tips and ingredients to transform your kitchen into one of wholesome nourishment and eat what has been prepared!
It is also possible to ONLY come to one of the workshops, at a cost of £127 each.

W:  www.innerguidance.co.uk/product/next-level-living-weekend/
E:  info@innerguidance.co.uk
T:  +44 1787 249798
Availability: 15 places


The Inner Guidance Mini-Retreat

Monday – Wednesday/Thursday
Single Occupancy £327/£427  Double Room (twin or double) £427/£527 (cost for both people)

We’ve been running the IG Mini-Retreat for over three years now with it being a firm favourite with many. There is group meditation each morning with many locals also joining us before breakfast, and evening yoga with the locals before dinner. The day has no timetable so you can go for a walk, relax in your room or in the grounds, or have a treatment with one of our therapists (extra cost).

We call this a ‘mini’ retreat because it is a cross between a ‘full’ weekend retreat with more teaching on the timetable and a regular B&B stay.

W:  www.innerguidance.co.uk/product/mini-retreat/
E:  info@innerguidance.co.uk
T:  +44 1787 249798
Availability: 10 places

The Quantum Sobriety Residential Retreat

11am Monday – 1pm Friday
£2,497 which includes a years member to the online programme
(payment plans available)

This retreat is quite different from the others with a maximum of only 4 guests. The week is tailored to your specific requirements and all locals classes are cancelled to create a ‘bubble’ of healing, safety and transformation within this intimate group.

I personally clear my diary during these five days and am yours entirely; this is the only opportunity to work with me one:to:one and includes a ‘Quantum Coaching’ session where we sit down and work out exactly how you are going to translate all of the information and shifts from the week and apply them into YOUR life at home.

What is included:

  • En suite accommodation
  • All meals lovingly cooked by Dom and Tommy
  • Wraparound support from the whole team throughout the week
  • Biodynamic Psychotherapy with Anni: one:to:one session on Monday
  • Quantum Healing with Carol: one:to:one session on Tuesday
  • Biodynamic Psychotherapy with Anni: one:to:one session on Wednesday
  • Quantum Coaching with Jo: one:to:one session on Thursday
  • Quantum Nutrition session with Dom in the kitchen on Thursday
  • Daily Group Meditation sessions
  • Two Group Yoga classes
  • Alone time to integrate the information, learning and awakening that you will be experiencing

W:  www.quantumsobriety.com/retreats
E:  info@quantumsobriety.com
T:  +44 1787 249798
Availability: 4 places


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Member Quote Of The Day:

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

I’m feeling very grateful, blessed (and yes excited… how does that work for “giving up”???) to be here, it’s just where I need to be for this change. Thank you for creating this space and to you all for holding it with such grace whilst you’re all actively living the change in your lives
L, Online Programme

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