How To Learn Generosity 🕗💰😃💛 (time, money, self and love)

Daily Motivation 205

Ultimately my intention in life is to share HOW I have got to the place where I feel consistent peace and happiness being me. From a life of continually trying to please others and having to numb out with substances because I couldn’t live up to others’ expectations, to the life I live now, I’ve had to make changes of which this blog and my programmes are based upon.

I don’t want to keep it to myself!
Why would I?
That doesn’t make sense to me

I have to say that compassion didn’t come easily to me in the beginning, which I guess is why I was led to the Chenrezig practice and the deity of compassion. He has taught me HOW to share, give and dedicate to others the positive karma that I have begun to accumulate through my practice. If you were to say to me ten or even five years ago that I would be dedicating my practice to complete strangers and not taking the benefit for myself I would laugh in disbelief. For someone living deep within hedonism has no recollection of how to give to others, so I began my journey and learning of HOW to become a more giving person.

The Dalai Lama calls himself and others the ‘Selfish Buddhas’ for they know that by giving to others they are in fact receiving MORE merit simply for the act of giving it away in the first place! So what you are left with is a perpetual cycle of:

Giving ➜ Receiving
Giving ➜ Receiving
Giving ➜ Receiving
Giving ➜ Receiving
and it goes on and on……

When you are in an act of GIVING you HAVE to receive more positive merit because of it.
In the beginning I actually had to force myself to do this, as it was so unnatural for me, so I tricked my selfish self into giving by telling myself that I was going to get something in return. This isn’t how it is supposed to work but has done for me in the long run, for it is only through this ruse that I have finally got it.

For I have trained my selfish self, who has been about only ME my whole life, to share
Because I had got it wrong all this time
I thought that I would become DEPLETED if I gave it away, when the very OPPOSITE is true
What a frigging revelation!

So the retreat that I have just completed is very auspicious. By taking the monastic vow in itself brings blessings, and then to keep it and raise your vibration and share THAT, is creating a ton of good merit. And each of the sessions (32 in total) I dedicated the merit obtained to different people knowing that by giving it away, THAT in itself gains more merit for me! My energy does not EVER become decreased, it only gains and increases.

Do you get it?
Do you see how my selfishness transmuted into generosity?
That by giving we can never really be without?
And that how giving eternalises positivity in our lives?
This is freedom
This is love
This is QS


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Thanks Jo. I feel so terrific and high on life. Drinking is now something I just don’t do (like I don’t eat preserved fruit) – yuk!. It’s no big deal I just don’t do it. I’ll remain a wee bit cautious though (complacency is dangerous). Thanks so much again for this amazing, life-saving programme. It has been about so much more than beating addicition. You can’t paddle in the shallows though – you have to jump right on in. Much love and thanks xx
S, Residential Retreat and Online Programme

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