How To Cultivate Your Dreams 🌱


“Look at your vision board everyday.
These visions are seeds that you have planted
And every time you look at and think about them
You are watering your dreams.”
The QS book talks in great detail about how I have personally used vision boards for more than ten years. They are a great way of creating a focus and path to walk towards our dreams.

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Member Quote Of The Day.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:
Some reflections after listening to T’s livestream:
Silence, listening to that inner voice is one of the first things that goes when we use substances. If we are using something to dull our emotions, and we have no intention of giving it up, or we are scared/don’t believe we can give it up, the last thing we want to do is stop and ask ourselves how we feel inside. We stop listening. To listen would mean that we would have to change. I think this may well be a key to maintaining sobriety, rather than taking back the power, then giving it up again, in a hopeless cycle. I have also realised that sometimes I can even use the guided meditations to avoid myself. Don’t get me wrong, they are wonderful, useful tools, that I will continue to use. But sometimes, someone else’s words don’t fit what you need in the moment, so I am going to start adding silent times to my daily practise

H, Online Member

The QS Tour Countdown

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The QS Tour begins Monday in London

Jo is livestreaming everyday this week on the Quantum Sobriety Facebook page, talking about different aspects of addiction and different substances/behaviours. Catch up on yesterdays video, and click here for the links to dates/venues/times and tickets, or see the links below ⬇️

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