Honour Yourself


Meditation is different every time, we cannot expect the same experience again. And yesterday was no exception. After the cliff edge meditation that i talked about last time, yesterdays meditation was the exact opposite: calm, relaxed and peaceful.

It got me thinking about how our outer environment can affect our meditation; what we’ve eaten, had to drink, or who we’ve mixed with. And then when we do make ourselves the priority and get on our cushion to meditate, how that inner experience then affects everything in our day.

Some days/meditations are about the big shifts, the quantum leaps, stepping into the unknown; our masculine power at play. And other times we are enveloped by the feminine more receptive energy, as we allow and flow through our day. It doesn’t matter what actual sex we are, we all have both masculine and feminine parts; and to embrace both and see them as equally important is one of the keys to a happy life.

Don’t force anything.
Honour when you are struggling, and relax
Honour when you are excited, and go for it
Honour when you are tired, and nap
Honour when you are inspired, and act
Honour yourself.

What are you feeling right now?
I’m having a day off and fully honouring my feminine energy, no work-out, no office, no emails and we are off to the coast for the day….YIPPEE!!
Yesterday I was fully into my masculine energy and got a ton of stuff done; training; office; planning, and it felt GOOD.

What are you feeling right now?
And are you honouring it?
Have a great day!


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