Hill Farm Feels Like A Temple ⛩


We had a great March one-day workshop, which serves well as a taster if you are thinking of jumping into the full five-day residential retreat, or as a top-up for members. Feedback as ever was off the charts, and I’d like to share a few quotes with you here today. The remaining 2018 one-day workshops are:

Saturday 11th August
Saturday 17th November
And can be booked here

One Day Workshop Testimonials.

Unique multi-sensory experience within a special space, Hill Farm feels like a temple. Jo moved the day along with those within it so the learning is organic and in flow. The delicious food helps feed the soul and is a special part of the day. Anyone thinking of coming should, you will be transported into bliss.” 

Comfortable, relaxed teaching methods; you are learning through discussion and sharing ie: experiential. Perfect hosts and wonderful atmosphere. Great guided meditation in a beautiful room.”


A day of self exploration, allowing time and space to contemplate you and your needs. To think about changes, for you as a person and to think about the path to follow.

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