Find Safety In Change ✋


In the beginning change is scary
We fear it
Resist it
Run from it

It removes us from ease
Pushes us out of our comfort zone
And makes us sit in the middle of uncertainty
Which we perceive to be negative and a place to oppose

When we turn this belief on its head
And realise
That actually
The ONLY TWO THINGS in life that are guaranteed are death and change
And if we are to have any peace in this life, we must accept and prepare for them both

So how do we do this?
How do we sit in uncertainty?
The answer is by
Allowing the flames of change to lick at what we have ‘achieved’ in life
To not get caught up
To step up to the gatekeeper of uncertainty (read that blog here)
And ACCEPT change

Do this over and over again
What you will find is that through this ACCEPTANCE of change
Which after all is the very nature of reality
You will begin to get used to it
Comfortable with it
And then find safety in it

Can you jump into the reality today where change is welcomed
Where right in the middle of it you don’t lose your power
In fact it excites you because you know that you are about to receive something new
You feel safe here
Right in the thick of life
Rather than hiding in the corner cowering from that which you cannot stop
(which would be like trying to stop the clouds from moving across the sky)

It will all be ok
Can you try it today
And see where it takes you
And find out just how safe change can make you feel…


Member Quote.

Read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:

I was really touched by your daily email the other day that used the mantra ‘it’s a gift’ and I am now using that throughout the day every day, it’s such a game changer!” 
Online Member



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