🐲 The Gatekeepers 🐲


“Paradox and uncertainty
are the gatekeepers to self-realisation

Said Bentinho Massaro on the first day of the retreat.
And let’s face it, we don’t actually learn much when life is going swimmingly. Rather it is in the face of adversity that we have to stretch and grow, and when we are teetering out on the tightrope of uncertainty we really do have the biggest opportunity for evolution.

In regards to paradox
(I wrote about this in my book so you will recognise the story if you’ve read it)
The Dalai Lama talks about the ‘selfish Buddhas’;
Those that KNOW that by giving love and compassion to others, THEY are also benefitting from it. You give to another, and what you gave you AUTOMATICALLY get back, and then some, so why wouldn’t you be generous with your time / possessions / love? In fact anything that YOU want more of, give it away!!!

So by giving away what you want
You get more of it
A beautiful paradox for you right there
One of the best examples I think

“Relax your focus,
and let that become your focus”

Is actually the very first thing I wrote down during Bentinho’s seven day retreat (out of over 20 A4 pages full of notes)
Another paradox

Another fave of mine is the manifestation process;
The stronger you WANT something, the more you push it away
You have to set the intention and then let it go
Remaining in a vibration of abundance whilst the quantum does the ‘work’

Because of course that is not our job
We need to let go and allow
And if we can then pure magic will occur

And with uncertainty
It also is where alchemy lives
Outside of our comfort zone
Pushing us to the limit
Stretching us beyond our current boundaries

So can you step out today
Face the gatekeepers head on
For there is unimaginable magic waiting for you beyond their doors
IF you can welcome them into your life….

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Read here something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over in our lively private forum:

Just been meditating for an hour… all kinds of realisations, and you’re right, when you do the work it’s not light and fluffy… you have to rip the scabs right off.. and be raw at times…

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