Daily Motivation – Week 20

Day 134

Why is everything going wrong?



One thing after another went wrong yesterday
Problem after problem
Stress after stress
Until I thought ‘this is ridiculous, what on earth is going on?’

So I sat back and closed my eyes, dropped deep within and connected once again to source. It’s easy to do this at any point of the day because that connection is strong and sure from my daily practice. I asked myself why the dishwasher is broken, the cold room has flooded, and many other less and more serious issues that them. And the words that came to me in my silence were,


And in that instant I got it
It was all meant to be like this
All of the stress
And what was I supposed to learn from it?
What lessons was it all showing me?
What was I not currently seeing, to make the quantum keep giving me more to wake me up to?

A deeper understanding became known in that moment
And I smiled as the old broke away to allow the new to shine forth
Then I remembered that I’d written a blog called ‘Breakdown or Breakthrough’ a couple of years ago (which you can read here) and I laughed at how cyclical life is; i’d been here before!

Then this morning as I quickly flicked through my Facebook notifications I came across a beautiful post from one of my teachers and in the comments was the following quote from Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche (he came to the UK from Tibet in the 60’s with Akong Rinpoche who married Dom and I). And it makes so much sense when we learn to live in TRUST:

We cannot control the flow of life, and when we try to that is when we struggle. Let go and TRUST, have faith that it is all going to be ok. Find an inner state of faith: whatever that means to you, and radiate that frequency into your surroundings and whole life. That is ultimately the key to life, but it’s not easy for us humans to stop trying to micro-manage! We want things THIS way and THAT way, why can’t it go OUR way?! And create so much stress for ourselves in the process.

And it’s like this also when we stop drinking/drugging/binge-eating, it is a leap of faith into the unknown. It’s scary because we’ve never been here before but there is something deep within us that KNOWS this is what we want, and it all comes down to just one thing: TRUST in yourself, in the language of your heart.

So today you will find me letting go of the drama and allowing life to unfold in the beautiful way it is supposed to without me holding on for dear life trying to change what cannot be changed. And do you know what? I feel much better already….

Day 135

Why Are You Here?



These are my musings this Sunday morning as we are halfway through a weekend retreat of an international peace movement. So many insights to share with you but for now I am going to let the whole weekend happen, percolate the information, and then write a full blog on it tomorrow. It’s very relevant to our own journey with addiction, as I truly believe that how I transcended my ‘story’ has become my purpose in life, and I’d like to ask YOU the same question: Why Are You Here?

I honestly believe that there are no mistakes, that everything has been given to us as a gift to evolve further into our potential. I can see that addiction has been the running theme throughout my life, AND IT HAS TAUGHT ME SO MUCH about myself. I can now thank it for showing me what is possible; that a person can change SO MUCH in a lifetime. That, should we believe it, everything we dream of is possible….

Day 136

Are you turning away or turning towards?



I’ve had the most unbelievable polarity of experience in the last week; highs and lows, sadness and joy, but not once have I thought i’d like to celebrate or commiserate with alcohol/drugs or food.

Once you transcend addiction it is GONE
There are no more cravings EVER

I celebrate now by appreciating the moment and feeling it with every cell in my body; why would I want to flush that good feeling OUT with a substance that takes me AWAY from it????? Looking back now it doesn’t make any sense.

I commiserate now by allowing myself to feel the pain with every cell in my body in that moment, for I know that by stuffing it down with food or numbing it out with alcohol is only putting off the inevitable; I am going to have to feel it at some point.

And this is the shift:

This is how we go from victimhood to empowered survivor,
When we turn TOWARDS our pain rather than away from it,
Only then can we go beyond it

When we open our hearts and feel what is there, when we are willing to understand the reasons we are in this current position; that is when we have the opportunity to go beyond it.

And it takes courage to see farther than the bottle or plate of food.
To stand alone in sobriety whilst others are moving away from their truth and connecting on a level far away from the heart.
But it is this strength to see the bigger picture; to take oneself forwards for a second into the next mornings hangover; the remorse and regret that we know that one glass of wine/beer/vodka is going to create.

So instead I sit in meditation and reflect on the WHY
Why do I feel hurt?
Why do I need to numb out?
Why do I have the desire to turn away from my truth?
Which then turns into:
What can I learn from this?
What can I take from this?
Why am I being given this lesson?

Can you see how I took back control?
How when we question what we’re feeling and LEARN FROM IT, that is when the opportunity of transmuting it is possible.
The heart doesn’t want to feel anything other than love, so how can you be more loving? And the answer is NEVER going to be in the bottom of a bottle or come after you’ve eaten the fourth slice of cake.

Sit quietly
Connect deeply
And learn to listen to the language of your heart….

Day 137

Mind the gap, It’s a ticking time bomb



These Daily Motivations come from many different sources; sometimes I wake up just knowing what I am going to write about, other times I don’t know until my fingers start tapping away at the keys, and there are also days when it becomes so clear the day before due to a conversation that I’ve had with someone. This blog is one of the latter, and someone is going to recognise the narrative (it was lovely to speak to you yesterday by the way!).

We go through life with our eyes closed, like we are asleep.
We blindly believe what our parents, peers, teachers, newspapers, doctor, news anchor people tell us.
We don’t question the information that is fed to us, especially as children.
So you can see that we are moulded to fit our society.
We are a product of our environment.

The problem with this model is that we are all trying to be the same person; this ideal citizen of our society who is beautiful, successful and weighs just the right amount. But obviously it is not possible, and so a gap begins to open between who we believe we SHOULD be and who we really are.

Now add to the mix your own personal family dynamic:
Sibling rivalry
Your parents expectations
The death or injury of a close family member when you were a child
………………………………………… fill in the gap of your own family story.

So we have this conditioning two-fold:

  1. From society
  2. From our family unit

Can you see what we are up against?
Can you see how easy it is to become confused?
Who am I?
What am I here for?
How can I be happy?

And as this gap opens up between who we really are and what is expected of us we feel lost and alone; each step away from our TRUTH taking us further into the bottle.
Is it any wonder that we feel the need to numb out from a reality that tells us our truth is not valid? That we should be like this or that instead? We should be celebrating our uniqueness and go follow our dreams, but unfortunately our society does not support this.

So one day we wake up and wonder who the hell we have become.
How did I get so far from happiness, contentment and ease?
Who am I?

The answer is of course to begin to take the layers and filters away and slowly (some do it quickly) lessen the gap, before the ticking time bomb goes off.

And this is exactly what the meditations in QS do.
Get you to ask certain questions so that you can discover the answers and unlock the door to YOURSELF.
Everyone has a different answer.
And we like to celebrate weirdness in QS!
Who wants to be the same as everyone else?!

So if through life we ignore the language of our precious heart it is like we cover it up with layer upon layer of conditioning. So just like an onion our healing happens when we are willing to peel back these layers one by one, closing the gap, and coming back to who we were always meant to be 


Day 138

The power of commitment.


The commitment to write a blog everyday for a year filled me with fear in the beginning, just as the thought of never having another cigarette, never taking another drink, and never snorting a line of coke again gave me back in the day.

How on earth was I to go from a weekly blog to finding something to say everyday? It seemed like an impossible task but I had tackled impossible before and there was a YES that was coming from deep inside me, just as my truth has said YES to sobriety.

So I made the commitment and called the blog ‘Daily Motivation’
There was no getting away from it now!
And as soon as you make a decision like that the energy changes; YOU put out a different vibe, which means that the quantum HAS to rearrange itself accordingly.

Today is now 138 days of Daily Motivations 

I now get messages near daily to say that many of you are waiting for this email to come through each morning, wondering what words you’ll drink in to nourish your soul.
And it is so effortless, so genuine, so right. 

January is all about commitments and the perfect time to step out of your comfort zone and say YES to life, even if that is going to be a little uncomfortable in the beginning. And that discomfort is only your wings growing you know; there has to be an element of transition as you transform from who you were into who you were always meant to be. That is why having an understanding community around you is so important, to allow you to perhaps scream and shout (some do but it’s not a prerequisite!) and be supported in however YOUR journey pans out.

You are reading this ONLY because something within you has indeed said YES to a better life, a more fulfilling existence, a return to your truth and unveiling of your potential. QS just doesn’t attract those that haven’t had the call, so you are in the right place 😉


Day 139

Just For Today.


Just for today tune In to your highest possible state 

Sometimes it’s too much to say,
“I’m changing this behaviour forever”
And a lot of the time by saying something like that we are playing in to the exact same addictive patterns which have become our destructive norm.

If we think about how we treat ourselves or speak to ourselves we would be shocked! As we wouldn’t allow somebody we love to have such a negative attitude, yet we put ourselves down all the time.

I was recently confronted with someone saying out loud something that I realised I was saying about myself in my head all of the time. The point being that,

….until I heard the same conversation out loud, external to me.
To say I was shocked is an understatement, as anothers’ words triggered in me the realisation of my own negative talk.

Everything happens for a reason right, so I took it upon myself to begin to UN-learn the behaviour and rewrite the story.
👂 Just for today see if you can listen to your own self-talk 👂
Write it down
Record yourself even
Become aware of what is going on.

Then tune in to your highest possible state
Just for one day
No pressure
Ease into the YOU that you want to be by:

  • Turning the dial and tuning in to a different frequency
  • Sharpening your self-awareness
  • Raising your vibration
  • Plugging in

Can you do that just for today?
Becoming accustomed to what it feels like to be in your highest possible state?
It’s an amazing place to be!


Day 140

It all begins to change when you do this one thing.



Really we only have one job in life

One that we have throughout our lives
It is the undercurrent that everything else come from
And if we don’t get this one job in check and do it well, then we will begin to see everything fall apart…
…and maybe that is why you are reading this blog
Maybe your life has begun to crumble away, disintegrate, have the cracks started to appear?

The one thing that you have to do is:


And when you do
Slowly you will see the changes externally as your inner world shifts.


Do you get it?
Do you see that you are in control here?
And that by trying to ‘fix’ what is on the outside (what you SEE externally) is only making life morecomplex, like building a wall to protect whats within when really what is within has the power to not only protect itself but establish transformation.

So can you let go of the desire to ‘fix’?
Can you trust that by connecting to your inner world you get all of the answers that you could ever need to be truly happy? And that by trying to control everything, actually what you are doing is pushing it away even further.

So we’ve been doing the exact OPPOSITE for months, years and maybe even decades; fiddling around with all the stuff on the surface, hoping that it will heal what is deep within.
But of course it can’t
We have to do THE INNER WORK
Become aware

And every morning I livestream my own meditation session and hold the space for others to come and join me on the quantum in their own practice. I’ve changed the time to 8am GMT and ‘sit’ for between 30 and 45 minutes (depending on the retreat centre schedule). I’d love you to join me, either live or as a recording, so do come over and say hello! The link is at the bottom of this email; you just have to join the Quantum Superpowers Facebook group. See you over there….


Member Quote’s Of The Week.

In this section you will read something that has been said by one of the Quantum Sobriety Online Programme members over on the very lively private forum:


I have come to count this group as family, a tribe, an army of love and support always standing beside me every day… so I think that is why I took ******* news so hard. A member of my ‘family’ was hurting and in trouble and I wanted to make it better for her, just like I do when one of my own family is hurt. The point of my post….. we should all never forget that we have each other, day and night to talk through thoughts/actions/triggers BEFORE we get to crisis point. Please remember my wonderful QS family that any of you can talk to me whenever you need to. Like I said one tribe, strong, standing side by side 
S,  Online Programme

Last night I had a flash-back to a previous life and I was overcome with an intense sense of gratitude and relief that I was on my way to watch tv in bed at 9pm with my cup of herbal tea. x
C,  Online Programme
As I was letting the Ocado man in, my new neighbours across the hall (a friendly young couple) came in with a carry box of red wine and gin. They grinned sheepishly and said “We’re not really smuggling all this booze in… Come and join us if you like.” Not long ago I’d have taken them up on their offer, and probably drank as much if not more than them, and be feeling like crap tomorrow. Instead I smiled and told them I’d just given up alcohol. They asked me if it was a New Year thing, and I said I’d been on a New Year retreat and made the decision then. Then I had an idea – and offered them the meat from my freezer (burgers and home cooked lamb meatballs, turkey spag bol and salmon fillets). Hadn’t been sure what to do with it since deciding to stop eating meat, but didn’t want to throw it away, and they just moved in, so would benefit from home cooked food. Double win.Now I’m in bedI’m slightly surprised that I don’t feel at all like I’m missing out. They are a lot younger than me and had a lot of booze. I have been there and done that, and it was fun, but now I’m in my new chapter of life. Perhaps we can have a cup of tea together in the daytime one day

B, Residential Retreat and Online Programme



Hi, its 1 year and 2weeks since in total despair I contacted alcohol concern and was set to go into rehab for my addiction to alcohol. Luckily the same day I received an email from Jo advertising the QS online programme, I spoke with Jo and with great relief I signed up with the diamond package.
I attended my 5 day retreat in March and I had my quantum moment where I felt reborn and thought this is it I’m free! But my journey has been less than straight forward, I didn’t have the belief in myself that this was authentically me, so I found myself bus hopping back and for between the easy bus and the hard bus.
If I’m brutally honest with myself and with you I’ve drank alcohol a lot of the time and I wasn’t living in my truth or from my heart for a lot of the time. I was talking the talk , but not walking the walk. I’d have weeks of not meditating and distancing myself from the quantum. But the amazing thing is, because I’d asked the quantum for help to become sober it had my back, so did Jo and so did this loving group.
I was meant to have attended a top up retreat this month, but I needed to be by myself to really go into myself. My husband was away and I had no telephone or internet , so it was just me. Along the way I’ve beaten myself up and thought I was a failure , but I now realise and believe that my journey was meant to be just the way it has played out.
The Sufi poet Rumi said,
“The wound is the the place where the light enters you”.
Last Monday I poured myself a glass of wine and placed it on the table asked the quantum for help and closed my eyes, a huge feeling of love washed over me and I said and really felt it truly , that’s enough, this isn’t you. I poured the wine away and I feel totally different that I have before. Also I’m loving wearing my Mala and the inscription of ” live your truth” is how I now live. My point of this post is to say there isn’t a timeline to feel real freedom. Also, surrender totally to the programme and don’t try to fight it, like me
 😂 lots of love to everyone and to those who’re suffering don’t give up . Thanks for reading.
K, Diamond Package



I got back to meditation today, after a few days battling with resistance!! I asked for guidance (….) this week and the answer that came back was ‘Permission’ I looked up words to define Permission and came up with Consent, approval, endorsement, acceptance, empowerment, freedom, authorisation, allow, allowed.
I will relay the theme of permission into my teaching this week – but more importantly the lesson I need to take from this is to Give myself permission, Give myself consent, approval, endorsement, acceptance, empowerment, freedom, authorisation and allow myself the gift of Permission – as no-one else can give me this gift only me – and if I don’t allow it for myself no-one else will grant me that gift either.
Here’s to everyone in QS having permission to pursue their dream, their uniqueness and their weirdness Today
J, Online Programme



I found out about QS on January 18, 2016.  That was the day my life changed for the better.  I realized that I had a problem with alcohol and I needed a change.  I dreaded having to go to rehab or to traditional meetings.  I was willing and open to trying another way to sobriety.  Meditation was completely new to me and it has proven to be a very valuable tool in my life.  The guided meditations I have learned from Jo De Rosa are so helpful.  The journey to sobriety was not a straight path…more a jagged road.  But each time I had a setback, I knew that I had a way out of the mess and back to the journey.

This new method of gaining sobriety and freedom in your life is nothing short of a miracle.  Once you fully embrace this program, you will gain peace in your life.  I hope in my lifetime I will see this program become as well established as other methods people traditionally think of when talking about “alcoholism”
D, Online Programme, USA

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